Kate Middleton looks completely different as she indulges in impressive hobby

Kate Middleton looks completely different as she indulges in impressive hobby

When she's out fulfilling her Royal engagements, the Princess of Wales is the epitome of elegance with her impeccable fashion sense and flawless beauty looks.

However, Kate once looked totally different in a seldom-seen snapshot that captured her indulging in an unexpected pastime at her Norfolk residence.

The photo, which was released last year, depicted the princess clad in beige coveralls, protective headgear, and chunky gloves all because she has a penchant for beekeeping.

To celebrate World Bee Day last year, the official Instagram account for the Prince and Princess of Wales posted an image of Kate caring for a beehive.

Kate attends to a hive in the gardens at Anmer Hall, on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk
The Princess of Wales is a passionate beekeeper and previously showcased her skills to mark World Bee Day -Credit:AP

Captured during the summer of 2022 at Anmer Hall, the country home she shares with Prince William on the Sandringham Estate, it shows Kate amidst her beekeeping pursuits.

Accompanying the post, a tweet stated: "We are buzzing about #WorldBeeDay. Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and today is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the essential role bees and other pollinators play in keeping people and the planet healthy."

It's thought that beekeeping is a hobby Kate enjoys alongside her younger brother James, but Royal enthusiasts expressed their "surprise" on Instagram upon discovering Kate's hobby, reports the Mirror.

The revelation had many Royal followers expressing their astonishment. One queried: "Is there anything that this lady can't do? " while another exclaimed: "HRH keeps surprising us all."

A different admirer praised: "Absolutely brilliant! ! The Princess of Wales is full of surprises! ".

The Princess of Wales once charmed everyone by sharing her very own homemade honey during a visit to the Natural History Museum in 2021.

Kate, who keeps beehives at Anmer Hall, delighted schoolchildren with a taste test, asking them: "'Would you like to try some? I've got one spoon each. This came specially from my beehive. See if it tastes the same as at home. Does it taste like honey from the shops? Does it taste like flowers? ".

Queen Camilla, too, shares a passion for beekeeping, tending to her bees at Raymill, her private residence in Wiltshire. During an outing in Launceston, Cornwall, in 2022, she chatted with local honey producers and shared her own experiences, revealing that she had only lost one colony over the winter.

Her commitment extends beyond her hobby as she serves as president of Bees For Development.

The Royal households are buzzing with apiculture activities, with Buckingham Palace boasting four beehives on an island in its garden lake, while Clarence House has two hives in its garden.

These busy bees contributed to over 300 jars of honey for palace use last year, sweetening dishes from honey madeleines to chocolate truffles and honey and cream sponge cakes.