Kanye West Under Fire For 'Multiracial Only’ Model Casting

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We may be used to Kanye West sparking controversies every 0.2 seconds by now, but this doesn’t make them any less shocking or eye-roll worthy.

And his latest one has been regarding his model casting for his Yeezy Season 4 show at New York Fashion Week, for which he has requested ‘multiracial women only’.

He posted an announcement about the casting on Twitter over the weekend, which read: “Multiracial women only. No makeup please come as you are.”

And many people are not happy - or confused, or (mostly) both.

Some questioned what Kanye really meant by ‘multiracial’, while others pointed out how problematic it is excluding models based on their race in an industry which already has big issues with diversity.

One Twitter user posted: “This is a major issue. In an industry that consistently cuts Black models out [sic], you do this?! You are the absolute worst. Truly.”

One person also replied to the tweet: “So like….how is he determining this? Is there a board to verify they multiracial?”, while another pointed out that “many multiracial women don’t actually look like an actual ‘mixture’ of races.”

While this didn’t stop plenty of women turning up to the casting, one woman protested outside of the venue topless holding a banner that read “multiracial only… lightskin only… you ain’t slick ye. ‘We call them mutts’ Kanye West.”

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