ITV This Morning fans outraged by Ben Shephard's 'rude' 'vampire vagina' comment

This Morning fans were not exactly thrilled on Tuesday when hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard sat down for a chit-chat with guest Gina Sigobodhla.

The reason behind their shock was Gina's unusual tale of how a 'vampire vagina treatment' massively changed her life post-childbirth.

Wrapping up the controversial chat, Ben inquired whether the issues she faced earlier had been sorted after the procedure. To this Gina replied: "To be honest, most of the symptoms have reduced."

She further shared her improved night routine, saying it doesn't involve frequent trips to the bathroom anymore. Elaborating more about the changes, she said: "You're waking up and you're still feeling quite tired and the dryness as well. I just feel that sensation has come back because I think it was after two to three months I started to feel something has actually changed."

Ben Shephard spoke to Gina Sigobodhla on Tuesday's This Morning
Ben Shephard spoke to Gina Sigobodhla on Tuesday's This Morning -Credit:ITV

She told the hosts that she approached the procedure with a positive attitude, trusting her doctor and hoping for the best. As Cat thanked Gina and Dr Sarah Jenkins for their time, Ben offered some peculiar parting words.

He said: "Sounds like you've got your smile back and your husband, I'm sure is enjoying it as well. He's got his wife back, that must be really important for the two of you so thank you for sharing your story."

Gina appeared slightly taken aback by Ben's comment, responding with an awkward chuckle before agreeing. Prior to the interview, Ben seemed to make light of the procedure while discussing upcoming segments with the Loose Women panel.

The guest spoke about her vampire vagina treatment
The guest spoke about her vampire vagina treatment -Credit:ITV

Coleen Nolan's revelation of a new tattoo left Ben Shephard joking on the show, asking: "I'm assuming Coleen's new tattoo is of me?" To which Coleen humorously responded with, "No, it's a vampire vagina!"

While Loose Women's audience roared with laughter and cheered, Ben playfully clapped back: "Hold on, don't you have one of those already Coleen?" and Coleen retorted with a quip about her tattoo, "It only comes out at night!"

Yet, viewers of This Morning expressed their discontent over the presenters' light-hearted grilling of the guest after hearing her poignant account.

One viewer put it bluntly: "Poor woman doesn't look happy after they all just took the mickey."

Gina Sigobodhla on This Morning
Gina Sigobodhla on This Morning -Credit:ITV

Another criticised: "They're all laughing at that woman, bet she's sitting on the sofa thinking what have I done, why did I come on this show".

Gina, another guest, recounted the harrowing experience from 2004 during the delivery of her first child when she suffered a severe third-degree tear.

Later, when pregnant with twins, Gina faced the heartache of undergoing an emergency C-section at 27 weeks due to one twin's insufficient growth and herself suffering from preeclampsia and pulmonary blood clots, leading to the tragic loss of her baby boy after just four months.

Subsequently conceiving once more, Gina opened up about battling with her body image, eventually turning to the "vampire vagina" treatment in search of relief.

Dr Sara, explaining more about the treatment, said that tiny Botox needles are used to inject the patient's own blood into the clitoris and around the vagina to rejuvenate the skin.

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