ITV The Chase fans fume after doctor makes huge error on medical question

The Chase viewers were absolutely gobsmacked this week, when a doctor competing on the show made a major mistake on a medical question during the ITV quiz show.In a nail-biting repeat episode, four brave contestants went head-to-head with Shaun Wallace, also known as The Dark Destroyer, all hoping to bag a hefty sum.

Lloyd from Hertfordshire was first in line, but his cash builder round was less than stellar. His one-on-one with Shaun started with a question about what a Tachograph is used for and where you'd typically find one. Puzzled by the question, Lloyd quickly answered "hospital" but was sadly way off the mark as a tachograph was revealed to a be a tool found in lorries to record the driving times and rest periods taken by the driver of a heavy vehicle.

Shaun slipped up in the final chase, meaning the contestants managed to Beat The Chaser
-Credit:(Image: ITV)

Although it was a forgivable mistake to be made by someone with little experience of lorries, or indeed, his own answer of hospitals, to viewers' shock, fellow contestant Hashim, a doctor from Stockport, actually seemed to agree with the wrong answer before realising his blunder!

Even the host Bradley Walsh was taken aback by the doctor's slip-up, leaving Hashim to try to clarify later that he had been thinking of a different graph, but it did little to smooth things over.

Fans didn't hold back on social media as they shared their disbelief and chuckles over the mix-up. One fan tweeted: "Oh lord... god help his patients #TheChase.", reports the Mirror.

Another added: "Ones a f***ing doctor, god help us all #thechase," and another couldn't help but laugh: "hahaha the doctor was nodding at hospital and it was wrong #thechase."

As the game went on, Cate from Middlesborough was caught by The Chaser, but the rest of the team made it through to the final chase. The final trio of contestants, with a total of £9,000 in the pot, managed to answer 14 questions correctly.

Despite Shaun's best efforts, he got one of the last questions wrong, allowing the team to take home the prize money. The team successfully pushed back the Chaser after he incorrectly answered four questions, resulting in each member walking away with a cool £3,000.

It wasn't the first time this week fans were left in stitches either, as during last night's episode a contestant gave a rather "hilarious" response to a history question. During the cash-builder round, Lisa was asked about the Royal Family's history and who ascended to the throne ten years after Queen Victoria's death.

Earlier this week, fans were convinced that one contestant bore a resemblance to Rylan Clark
Earlier this week, fans were convinced that one contestant bore a resemblance to Rylan Clark

The correct answer was George V, who was crowned in May 1910. However, under pressure, Lisa blurted out: "Victoria the Second? " The awkward blunder comes just days after viewers were left swooning over a "hot" contestant who looked just like Rylan Clark.

Joining fellow contestants Alan, Fey and Suzi was 24 year old Theo, a social media manager. Introducing himself, Theo said: "I work for a competition company and we give out prizes every day - and I'm lucky enough that when people win those prizes, whether it be a car or cash, I go and give it to them."