Is this bath bomb trick the best way to propose?

bath bomb and ring
[Photo: Instagram/pearlbathbombs]

Picture this: You’ve been given a bath bomb by your loving boyfriend (already amazing, right?), run a bath, and get soaking in the tub.

Then it’s time to drop it in. It fizzes around and does what a bath bomb does best, and when it’s done, you see something float to the top.

It’s a small plastic container – a little like those ones we used to get toys in from a vending machine – containing a ring.

Twitter user Kennessy had this happen to her, and though what she received was a promise ring rather than an engagement ring, it’s giving us all sorts of ideas.

If you’d been hoping your man (or whoever’s proposing) might propose soon, this would be a brilliant, totally unexpected way of being asked, right?

And having the skills of a lush product creator isn’t required as you can buy them pre-made.

There are so many things you can conceal in a bath bomb – in summer, it was all about hiding plastic Pokémon – but we’ve got to say that this tops the list.

However, even though it looks like a pretty solid plastic container you put the ring in, we can’t shake the paranoia that it would end up down the plug hole.

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