Pokémon Bath Bombs Exist, And We Want To Collect ‘Em All


[Photo: Etsy/CreatedByRebeccaLynn]

Bath bombs are wonderful, because they’re the bath toys that adults are still allowed to have. Similarly, Pokémon GO is brilliant because it’s the Pokémon game we’re still allowed to play past the age of 15.

And now, some genius has combined the two to make Pokémon bath bombs. We’re not talking about bath bombs poorly crafted to resemble Jigglypuffs, either, but something much more clever.


[Photo: Etsy/CreatedByRebeccaLynn]

Shaped like eggs, once you drop them in the water, they hatch Pokémon - or alternatively, you can get one in the shape of a pokéball.

A woman called Rebecca Lynn sells them on Etsy, and makes each egg to order.

They look just like they do in the game, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re made of sub-standard ingredients, as they’re made of natural grapeseed oil and shea butter “to leave your skin soft and glowing”.

oh baby! oh baby! I choose you! #makebathsgreatagain #pokemonbathbomb

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You can also choose a scent that will be released as the bomb fizzes away, eventually revealing your Pokémon.

At the moment, Lynn can’t guarantee any specific Pokémon in your order. But isn’t the mysteriousness of it all part of the fun?

Check out Lynn’s Etsy shop here.

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