Iris Prize unveils Pink Portraits 2024

Pink Portraits
Natalie Hill, Reece Fleet, and Abbie Vimpany in the Pink Portraits 2024 series (Image: Sarah Scorey/Iris Prize)

Organisers of the Iris Prize LGBTQ+ Film Festival have unveiled the Pink Portraits series for 2024. The images celebrate the diversity of LGBTQ+ professionals working for Transport for Wales (TfW).

The images were taken by South Wales-based photographer Sarah Scorey and were produced by Iris Prize, in partnership with Ffotogallery and TfW. They have gone on show in Cardiff Central station as well as across the TfW network.

The 12 members of TfW staff featured in the Pink Portraits 2024 collection are:

Abbie Vimpany, Customer First Ambassador, She/Her 
Owi Davies, Customer Relations Advisor, They/Them 
Nathaniel Carr, Sponsorship Graduate, He/Him 
Gavin Hawkins, Bus Interchange Operations Manager, He/Him 
Mark Jacobs, Senior Planning and Development Manager (TrawsCymru), He/Him 
Steve George, Facilities Team, He/Him (prefers Steve) 
Lukas Siko, Standards Integration Manager, He/Him 
Matthew Rodgers, Conductor, He/Him 
Marcus Copsey, Conductor, He/Him 
Natalie Hill, Learning and Development Advisor, She/Her 
Reece Fleet, Customer Service Advisor, They/Them 
Ceri Goode, Customer Service Ambassador, He/Him

“It will give greater visibility to our LGBTQ+ colleagues in the community”

Abbie Vimpany said she was “proud and fortunate” to have been featured in the 2024 Pink Portraits series. She also said that as a cisgendered, white woman she hoped the collective visibility of the Portraits would raise awareness for those less privileged.

“Opportunities like this partnership with the Iris Prize have energised me to work harder and be louder with my support of the LGBTQ+ community,” she said. The partnership has allowed me to stand a bit taller and lean a little further into my LGBTQ+ pride.”

Berwyn Rowlands, Festival Director for Iris Prize has said he is delighted to collaborate on the Pink Portraits series again. He continued: “It will give greater visibility to our LGBTQ+ colleagues in the community.  We are excited to see the portraits in situ and to be able to share with our visitors when they arrive for the festival in October. It is important that we show that LGBTQ+ people work in all professions in Wales, and this project with TfW has allowed us and them to showcase this. Each portrait has a story and we are grateful to Abbie for sharing hers with us.”

Check out the portraits here.

The Iris Prize festival will return this year from Tuesday 8 October to Sunday 13 October 2024.

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