The internet isn't loving these bizarre lace-up jeans

Would you ever wear them? [Photo: Fashion Nova]
Would you ever wear them? [Photo: Fashion Nova]

The ripped-knee jeans trend hasn’t been our favourite when it comes to practicality – for those of us that don’t like exposing our knees to the elements, anyway.

But compared to one pair of lace-up jeans that have recently surfaced on the internet, slightly-torn trousers sound like a godsend.

Fashion Nova’s Wild Thang Lace Up Pants are selling for $49.99 (£37). They have the attributes you’d expect many jeans to have; they’re high rise, available in light blue wash, and boast a decent proportion of cotton content (74%).

Not a pair to meet the boyfriend’s parents in [Photo: Fashion Nova]
Not a pair to meet the boyfriend’s parents in [Photo: Fashion Nova]

The “lace up” element throws all of that out of the window, however, and the internet is confused to say the least.

Since the product was posted to Instagram, people have had a few words to say about Fashion Nova’s creation.

One commenter said: “What is she, a leg of ham in a deli?”

Might as well go pantless,” said another.

“I’m not paying full price for these, they better be half off,” one person joked.

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Others pointed out the potential difficulties in getting them on in the first place.

One person said: “How many times my toes would get caught in those strings every time I would try to put those pants on?! Ouch.”

Not to mention what would happen if you wore them on a sunny day.

“Imagine getting a sunburn/tan in these,” said one commenter.

Imagine you do decide to wear them to a festival – if it was sunny, you’d end up with some interestingly-patterned legs. If it was too cold, you’d freeze.

Not that practicality was necessarily a priority when designing them.

If you need us, we’ll be wearing a pair of denim thong shorts or a denim jeans-skirt hybrid instead.

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