Inside Grantchester's Robson Green's two divorces and 'painful' affair with vicar's wife

robson green
robson green

After his two his two divorces, Robson GreendivorcesRobson Green, 59, has said he will never marry his current partner, Sunday school teacher Zoila Brozas.

The Grantchester star, who is known for playing DI Geordie Keating, was in a relationship with his first wife Alison Ogilvie for eight years, and his second wife Vanya Seager for 12 years. However, his most recent relationship with Zoila hit the headlines after her ex-husband Reverend Geoffrey Short spoke out about their "very painful" split. See everything we know about Robson's love life when the cameras stop rolling…

Robson Green's first wife Alison Ogilvie

robson wife alison
Robson and his first wife Alison were married for eight years

The Casualty actor tied the knot with occupational therapist Alison Ogilvie in 1991, but they got divorced in 1999 after eight years of marriage following reports he had a four-year affair with PR executive Pamela McDonald.

"I saw this incredible therapist who allowed me to talk things through," he told Sunday People in 2001. "l came away with genuine peace of mind."


Robson made a candid comment about his "car crash" relationships on ITV’s Robson and Jim's Icelandic Fishing Adventure in 2016 as he opened up about his battle with drugs and alcohol. "I was enjoying the awards, I was enjoying the parties, I was enjoying the drinking and everything else that went with fame," he said. "But my relationships were a car crash. I started having real problems with fame and alcohol and drugs."

His relationship with Pamela didn't last and he married Vanya just two years after his divorce.

Robson Green's second wife Vanya Seager

robson green vanya
The actor and model divorced in 2013

Robson and Vanya met at BMG Records while he was recording Unchained Melody back in 1995, and they went on to welcome son Taylor in 2000, one year before they tied the knot.

The actor and former Page 3 model divorced in 2013, with Robson explaining they "grew apart", but they continued to stay in touch to co-parent their son.

He told the Daily Mail: "Vanya and I just grew apart. I don’t blame it on the career. It’s just we were different and we didn’t develop together. My mind went in one direction, hers in the other."

Zoila Brozas' split from ex-husband

Robson Green in a blue suit with partner Zoila in a blue lace dress
Robson and Zoila first met at the gym (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Robson and Zoila met at the gym in 2016 after the actor moved into an old ferryman's cottage on the River Tyne in Northumberland. "It was a new chapter in my life, I was on my own, a single man," he told The Times.

However, Zoila was reportedly married at the time, and her ex-husband Geoffrey opened up about the "shock" moment Zoila ended their relationship. "We had a great life together. People thought she was the ideal vicar's wife, and she was. She loves the boys and everyone said what a fantastic mother she was," he explained to The Mirror.

"Then I got home from work one day and all of a sudden everything changed. She announced she was leaving to live with Robson.

"She said they got talking in the gym and she fell in love. She left ­immediately," Geoffrey continued. He added that he felt "total shock, disbelief and sorrow" at the time, and said the "very painful" split made him question his faith.

Robson and Zoila's relationship

Robson and Zoila kept their relationship low-key for several years before making public appearances together – they were first spotted on the set of Grantchester in 2018, and they were photographed holding hands at the ITV Palooza in 2019.

She described them as a "power couple" back in 2019 and often shares Instagram photos of her fishing adventures with Robson.

The actor and the production assistant went on to work together on BBC2 programme Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes, which he described as a "real joy" to film. "Working together worked for us! Anyway, we weren’t together all the time, a lot of the time she was on the second unit [the crew filming things that don’t involve the main participants], doing drone shots and things like cutaways of bees on flowers," he explained.

Despite having nothing but praise for his partner,  whom he described as "super-healthy" with "the kindest heart", Robson revealed he has no plans to marry again after walking down the aisle twice before. "No, I’ve done enough of that. We’re very happy together," he said.

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