Treble trouble! Identical twin brothers have three sets of twins between them in under two years

No you’re not seeing double, a set of identical twin brothers and their partners have given birth to three sets of twin boys between them.

John and Dave Winstanley, 35, from Cheshire welcomed their boys in under two years, which means they were thrown right into parenthood with a baby bang and an endless round of feeding, changing and burping.

Business analyst John, 35, and his wife Jayne, 35, became parents of James and Joshua in 2016 while Dave and partner Amy Parrish saw Seth and Jake arrive in 2017.

Jayne later gave birth to Jack and Joel.

Dave and Amy also have an older daughter, Ella, who claims being around twins has become normal to her.

Though John and Dave are identical their boys are all non identical twins.

Appearing on ‘Good Morning Britain’ this morning Jayne, said they had originally put off having children because twins run in both sides of their family so they’d thought there was a good chance they too would have twins.

But Amy doesn’t have twins on her side of the family, so finding out she was expecting the boys was a pretty big shock.

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John explained that the odds of having identical twins is around 285 to 1, while it’s around 33 to 1 to have non identical and then 12 to 1 to have another set of non identical twins, so doing the maths the odds of having three sets between them are pretty low.

It is believed this is first time this has happened in the UK.

Describing what it is like to grow up as an identical twin John said: “It’s like having your best friend and your arch enemy at the same time.

“We’re really close so we hope that as our kids get older they will be as well.”

Presenter Ben Shephard commented how calm the sets of parents were, even though they were having to juggle so many children.

Identical twin brothers have had three sets of non-identical twin boys between them [Photo: ITV]
Identical twin brothers have had three sets of non-identical twin boys between them [Photo: ITV]

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Though they’re loving their busy family lives, the couples agreed they’re both done with having children, particularly as Jayne worries if they had any more they could end up with another multiple birth.

Explaining that she releases more eggs than usual, the mum-of-four went on to say that the older she gets, the more eggs she will likely release.

“So we could end up with triplets,” she laughed.

Although John and Dave are identical, multiple birth experts told Daily Mail that this should not influence the likelihood of non-identical twins which run on the female side of the family.

Some women are more likely to produce two eggs in one cycle, it is unusual that both Jayne and Amy had this.

Jane Denton, of the Multiple Birth Foundation, said she was not aware of any other family in the UK in the same situation.

She added: “This is a very interesting case – and very unusual.”

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