95-year-old identical twins claim no sex and 'plenty of Guinness' are key to a long life

Britain's oldest identical twins have shared their secrets to a long and happy life [Photo: This Morning]
Britain's oldest identical twins have shared their secrets to a long and happy life [Photo: This Morning]

Identical 95-year-old twins Lilian Cox and Doris Dobday claim no sex, raw sausage sandwiches and a pint of Guinness or two are the secrets to a long and happy life.

Yesterday, the now-famous sisters took to the This Morning sofa to discuss their habits with television hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

When quizzed on how they still look so great, Lilian simply declared: “No sex and plenty of Guinness.”

When Willoughby asked why she chooses to remain abstinent, she joked: “Well, I don’t have a husband!”

The pair also claim that “lovely” raw sausage sandwiches keep them young and swiftly dismissed Willoughby’s concerns that they may contract food poisoning.

Unsurprisingly, the twins’ frank interview stole the hearts of the nation, as social media users rushed to Twitter to praise the “legendary” duo.

“They are treasures,” one viewer commented.

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Another added: “Loved them! I hope I live to 95 and am just as legendary.”

“Loved watching them,” a third wrote. “Wonderful ladies.”

The twins became overnight social media sensations shortly after celebrating their 95th birthday with almost 7,000 people now following their Facebook page.

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Most recently, the duo graced the headlines after declaring a shared love for actor Jason Statham having never missed a ‘Fast and Furious’ movie. In fact, Doris even keeps a small photograph of him in her purse.

Following the clip shown on ‘This Morning’, Doris confessed: “I think he's fantastic!”

Born in Birmingham, the sisters moved to Tipton as children and have lived opposite each other ever since.

According to their Facebook profile, the sisters enjoy trips to the bingo, shopping, going out for meals and the theatre.

Doris was happily married for 65 years and did not have any children while sister Lillian has five grown-up children, 13 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren in total.

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