Iconic 90s and 00s things kids today won’t have the faintest clue about

Technology seemed so impossibly modern in the 90s and 00s.

Devices were getting smaller, graphics brighter and more detailed, and food and drink ever-so more tasty (though perhaps we weren’t thinking about why they were so brightly coloured at the time).

But it’s only around thirty years on (yes, thirty), that these things seem truly dated.

The idea of something as small as an iPhone doing what it can do would have been mind blowing to anyone lugging around a CD walkman in their hoodie’s front pocket.

And how could the slick frame of a Motorola Razr ever look old fashioned?

Whether it’s the 2D PC games we spent hours playing or the long-gone methods of communication we used to stay in touch with our friends, here are some things from the 90s and 00s that mustn’t be forgotten.

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