Spice Girls take down sexist TV crew in resurfaced footage

[Photo: PA]
[Photo: PA]

One TV crew must have forgotten who it was they were working with in 1997, as a video has emerged of them being taken down by the Spice Girls for sexism on set.

A video of the girl group questioning two men for requesting they show their ‘midriff’ and ‘cleavage’ has emerged online, and the women are on form.

When the director requested the girls reveal more for the Polaroid Spice Cam ad they were making, the group were not best pleased.

[Photo: Twitter/I DON'T KNOW HER]
[Photo: Twitter/I DON’T KNOW HER]

Mel B lead the confrontation, asking why they requested more “cleavage showing and midriff showing”.

To which the man replies: “It’s every man’s fantasy.”

Mel B comes back succinctly with: “Well you can f**k off.”

The director then tries to shrug it all off, claiming that it’s just “showbiz”, at which point Geri Halliwell joins the fight calling him a “chauvinistic pig” and his excuse an “easy cop out”.

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Victoria Beckham then jumps into the scene, telling the director “it’s not sunny, stop trying to look cool” and nicks his sunglasses before trying to sell them off to onlookers.

“Have you not heard that less is more anyway,” Halliwell continues.

“At the age you are, you should know better by now – you’re in the advertising [industry].

“What sort of example is that?”

[Photo: Twitter/I DON'T KNOW HER]
[Photo: Twitter/I DON’T KNOW HER]

One of the men desperately trying to scrape the barrel claims “We’re just trying to Spice Girl it up a bit.”

But Geri isn’t having it, calmly replying: “That is just cr*p.

“And we are walking at seven o’clock.”

The camera then jumps to the girls leaving the set as Mel C says “girl power” to the camera, leaving the offending men looking sufficiently awkward.

Top form as always, ladies.

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