Man secretly discovers his wife is exchanging 'sexy' texts with her boss

Man discovers wife is exchanging ‘sexy’ messages with boss [Image: Getty]
Man discovers wife is exchanging ‘sexy’ messages with boss [Image: Getty]

An expert recently revealed that suddenly starting to stay back at work late was a sign your partner could be cheating.

Now, a man has shared his concerns that his wife is involved with her boss after discovering suspicious text messages on her phone.

He revealed that he had seen a message flash up on her screen from her senior manager that was “a bit too familiar” while she was in the bathroom one evening.

“I glanced at my wife’s phone when she was in the shower one night and saw a message from a senior manager that was a bit too familiar,” he wrote to’s sexologist Isiah McKimmie.

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“It wasn’t a smoking gun — not like a sext or anything — but I can’t stop thinking about it.

“How can I find out if there’s something going on?”

McKimmie suggested the right thing to do was to “address” what he had seen with his wife.

“Be open and vulnerable with your wife. Acknowledge the wrongdoing of looking at her phone and explain how you happened to see it,” she advised.

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“Tell her what you saw and the emotions (like fear, worry and insecurity) that it brings up for you.

“When we speak from our perspective and share our emotions, our partner is usually more open to hearing what we have to say and responding in a compassionate, helpful way.”

The expert added that his wife might not have found their conversation inappropriate, but equally that it could be an indicator of an affair – and to talk it through with one another.

Louanne Ward, a relationship expert, recently told us that a “change in behaviour” can be a sign of cheating.

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These can include, “having a renewed interest in their appearance, unexplained and secretive social media activity or any other new and different activity could and should have your radar alerted”.

We do hope the husband got to the bottom of it…

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