Wife writes open letter to woman having an affair with her husband: 'I need to understand'

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The Mumsnet user, posed by a model, penned a poignant letter. [Photo: Getty]
The Mumsnet user, posed by a model, penned a poignant letter. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has written a poignant letter to the person having an affair with her husband.

Taking to parenting platform Mumsnet, the user explained how she was in the middle of a split from her husband after he had left her for a woman he met at work.

In the thread, she explains her need to understand how “the other woman” would benefit from the situation.

“I just need to understand the reasoning behind having an affair with a taken/married man? In the middle of a break up and I’ve had 10 year old daughter ask “why did the woman take daddy away?”

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“Such an innocent yet poignant question… please, for anyone that has been the ow (other woman) explain what you get out of it?”

Later on in the thread, she claims her and her husband were “happy” and “close” before the affair took place.

The Mumsnet user, whose username has been blurred for anonymity, shared the moving post. [Photo: Mumsnet]
The Mumsnet user, whose username has been blurred for privacy, shared the moving post. [Photo: Mumsnet]

“I can just about grasp couples who aren’t happy, not getting on or no sec etc [sic]. My and my dp were happy, close. He was with me almost always. We went out and drank together. Had the odd date night, holidays.”

Ultimately, she concludes that she would rather “[look] for someone else” rather than be someone’s “other woman”.

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“I’d rather spend my time looking for someone else. A meaningful relationship rather than be used as an ego boost.”

However, Mumsnet users urged the woman to blame her husband, rather than the other woman.

“Another woman did not take Daddy away. Life isn’t like that. Daddy left. He left. HE left – no one took him,” wrote one user.

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Another wrote: “Where’s your letter to your partner? The OW [Other Woman] is not blameless but she did not take him away. He willingly cheated and left. Your anger is misdirected.”

Cheating and infidelity can have a devastating effect on relationships.

Earlier this year, a bride-to-be was left distraught after finding her partner’s Tinder profile just two days before their wedding.

In another instance, a man confronted his unfaithful girlfriend at the airport with a giant ‘cheating’ sign.

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