Twitter debate erupts over how to cut toast

How do you cut your toast? [Photo: Twitter/hallamnation]

Turns out cutting toast is not as simple as slicing it in half.

A student managed to start a fierce Twitter debate after posting a photo of three slices of toast and asking people (including Donald Trump and Stormzy) how they like theirs to be cut.

The first slice of toast in the photo shows a diagonal slice, the second is cut horizontally and the third vertically. (If you do anything else, you don’t count, sorry.)

As usually happens with Twitter, people got really really passionate about the topic.

It seems the top choice was diagonally with people tweeting:

“Everything tastes better in triangles. Do not even try and play me.”

“Oh my goodness, how is this even up for debate? #1 is clearly the only way to cut toast – and #2, that’s just vile – I’m sure it’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.”

“Without a doubt, #1!!! Anything else is simply a shame.”

A large majority were categorically against number three – the vertical cut – with many refusing to believe it was even a thing.

“I want to believe that they’ve made up number 3 just for this tweet,” commented one person.

“Number 3 makes me so anxious,” wrote another Twitter user with yet another agreeing: “What kind of animal cuts toast like #3?”

And then were these people who mocked the thing entirely.

There’s always one.

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