How to create a DIY 3D cast of your baby's feet

It’s not surprising that many parents feel they’ve missed out on the little things while we’ve been in lockdown because of the coronavirus.

Without being able to go out with our babies for around four months, many companies have taken their businesses online, teaching parents how to try things at home.

The latest how-to comes from The Little Me Casting Studio where Sonika Kudhail teaches new parents how to make 3D casts on your baby’s feet, so you can enjoy the little memories for years to come.

Kudhail explained how to create this keepsake on Yahoo UK’s pregnancy video series, The Baby Bump with Lauren Pope.

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Who wouldn't want a memory of those little newborn feet? (Getty Images)
Who wouldn't want a memory of those little newborn feet? (Getty Images)

The first thing you’ll need to buy to create the cast is alginate, which Kudhail explains is the same thing dentists use to take impressions of teeth. Although it seems like one of those difficult to get hold of ingredients, it’s readily available on Amazon.

You’ll need:

  • 250g of alginate

  • A range of different pots

  • A whisk

  • A spatula

  • 2x mixing bowl

  • Cool/cold water (not warm)

  • Plaster of Paris

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How-to put your baby’s foot in the cast:

  • Start by mixing 250g of alginate with 250g of water into a mixing bowl slowly. Remember to make sure the water is on the cold side so it doesn’t set before you’ve started. As you start to mix the alginate into the water, make sure you whisk it at the same time.

  • Once all the mixture is in, turn the whisk up a notch. The mixture - by the time you’ve finished whisking - should feel like a pancake mix. If it’s a bit dry as you’re whisking, feel free to add a little more water.

  • Pour it out of the mixing bowl and into a separate pot.

  • Give the pot a tap on the work surface to get rid of any bubbles.

  • Grab the foot and submerge it into the mixture. Make sure the foot isn’t touching any sides or the bottom as it submerges. Hold your babies ankle to keep their foot still. Keep the baby’s foot submerged for 45 seconds.

The finished results are pretty impressive. (Yahoo UK)
The finished results are pretty impressive. (Yahoo UK)

Remember to peel off the mixture from your whisk - Kudhail shows that it comes off really easily. The expert goes on to explain the plaster stages of the casting, to finish it off perfectly.

It makes a lovely keepsake, especially to commemorate this time in a unique way. Perhaps they’ll appreciate it even more when they get older, knowing you created it with your own hands.

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