How to capture your child's firsts on a mobile phone, according to a baby photographer

Whether you’re busy snapping away on your phone or you’d rather let a photographer capture your baby’s first years, many parents find themselves taking more pictures than they used to when they’ve got children.

After all, these are precious moments that you won’t get back.

During the coronavirus pandemic, getting out and about with your baby - or during pregnancy - can be tricky and many mums-to-be have had to cancel pregnancy photoshoots. And not everyone has a high-tech camera at their disposal.

Photographer Suzi Bird explains how it is possible to expertly capture a baby’s firsts on your mobile phone.

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As part of Yahoo UK’s parenting video series The Baby Bump with Lauren Pope, the photographer starts by giving parents-to-be some tips on how to capture nice maternity photos.

She recommends starting by finding a nice airy space within your home. “Nobody else has to see these photos,” Bird explains, giving women the confidence to try out new things.

A handful of simple tips will take your phone photos of your child to the next level. (Getty Images)
A handful of simple tips will take your phone photos of your child to the next level. (Getty Images)

The photographs can be just for you to look back on and remember your pregnancy, particularly in a time when you might not have been leaving the house as much as you might’ve done pre-pandemic.

“The main things to remember when you’re taking bump photos are; having the light next to you, popping out your front leg (so you don’t look slouched), keep your hands on your tummy and look down.”

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The photographer specialises in pregnancy and baby photos. (Suzi Bird)
The photographer specialises in pregnancy and baby photos. (Suzi Bird)

In the above video, Bird shares a range of baby photography tips, too, allowing you to take effortless photos of your little wriggler.

Many of the same lighting rules apply for taking newborn shots: Light, airy shots are preferable, but for this parents will also need a nice, soft area to lie their babies down on.

“It could be a sofa cushion, a footstool, a beanbag. If you wanted to take them upstairs you could absolutely use your bed,” she explains.

“For most of my newborn photography, I do try to get them to be asleep.”

The best way to photograph your newborn is by putting them of the surface and having their head or the side of their face facing the light.

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If your baby isn’t playing ball and doesn’t want to sleep, Bird says parents should “embrace it”, they might turn out to be the funny and anecdotal shots you come to love as the years go on.

“I always take a lot of photos from above because you can see their lovely faces. You can go in quite close and get the detail shots. You can also come to the side and get a silhouette shot of them.”

Another top tip is trying to help them to sleep by swaddling them - it also makes for a great photo, as Bird demonstrates.