How to get the dewy skin look this season

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is officially over, which means it’s time to ditch the lightweight serums and tinted moisturisers and invest in some heavy-duty hydration.

Why? Because cold air is dry air, so even those prone to oiliness can benefit from a little extra moisture.

The good news? Dewy skin is in, which means there’s never been a better time to maximise your moisture levels.

Primed and ready

In autumn and winter, creating a dewy-skinned look is all about what you do before you apply the foundation. This is because if your skin’s dry, even the most hydrating of foundations will struggle to conceal flakiness.

“For this reason, skincare is more important than foundation when the climate turns from warm to cooler,” says Chase Aston, the Body Shop’s international make up artist.

“I would suggest that you switch to a more hydrating moisturiser, and use a moisture mask in the evening before going to bed to fully replenish the skin to for optimum moisture and hydration.”

A dewy-skinned look depends on moisturised, primed skin. At the top of your shopping list should be a heavy-duty moisturiser. How you apply your moisturiser is equally important. “

Spend a good 30 seconds massaging your moisturiser into your skin,” suggests Benefit head make up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon. “This will bring a natural glow into your face.”

Give your skin plenty of time to absorb individual products before slathering on the next one. Your skin will only benefit from a serum if you give your skin enough time to absorb it, and primers simply won’t do their job if they’re applied before your moisturiser has sunk in.

Speaking of which, autumn is also the perfect time to invest in a good quality primer. A good one won’t just help to minimise pores and boost radiance but can also give your foundation some serious staying power, which is especially important in colder weather, when we’re more prone to flakiness and our foundation has a shorter lifespan.

“A good primer will ensure that your make up is anchored to your skin, all day and into the night,” says Chase Aston. “And, if you’re using a mattifying format, you won’t need to use powder.”

However, those seeking dewy-skinned perfection shouldn’t rule out powder make up. If you find your powder foundation often looks chalky, invest in a good quality mineral foundation and apply with a large, fluffy brush, dusting and buffing the foundation in small circles.

If you’re short on time or don’t have a primer to hand, a quick spritz with a facial mist is a great way to give skin a dewy look in a matter of minutes.

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If you’re prone to shiny skin, you’ll know that the drop in temperature doesn’t necessary mean an end to oiliness.

It’s all too easy to over-compensate by caking on the powder, but a few simple shine-stopping tricks can help achieve the perfect balance.

“Once you’ve applied your moisturiser and primer, use a foundation brush to apply your foundation,” suggests Chase Aston at The Body Shop.

“Then, take a large tissue and press against the face to absorb any excess product. Next, take an oil-free primer, and lightly smooth over the T-zone area. A light dusting of a sheer translucent powder will also help to reduce any excess shine - just remember to buff powder onto the complexion to avoid cakey-ness!”

Opt for an oil-free primer to avoid clogging pores, and use a gentle exfoliator three times a week.

Finally, remember that the shade of foundation which suited you in warmer weather might not look so good now.

“Remember to get the colour of your foundation checked in winter,” says Debbie Finnegan, MAC Senior Artist. 

“Skin without sun can lighten dramatically. This is known in the industry as "floating head" - when a head and body don't match in colour. It’s never a good look!”

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