Exactly how much sugar is in a Creme Egg?

Creme egg next to a coin and sugar for comparison. (Facebook)
Do you know how much sugar a Creme Egg contains? (Facebook)

Forget your fancy Easter bunnies and purse-stretching hampers, you can’t beat a good old fashioned Creme Egg.

But we don't often think to check how much sugar is in each one before devouring it – they taste too good after all. While the numbers may not mean much to you anyway, looking at a photo of the amount will likely come as a surprise.

This was first highlighted by Facebook user Rebecca Bilham in 2018 when she shared a photo of a Creme Egg beside a two pence coin for scale. But what stood out the most was the sugar used to demonstrate how much the delicacy contains.

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How much sugar is in a Creme Egg?

Getting technical, a Creme Egg is 29% sugar (and 177 calories).

This is more than 26g of sugar in each one, weighing in at around six heaped teaspoons.

Bilham captioned the image at the time [sic], “Warning, may upset Creme Egg lovers… this amount of sugar in ONE cream egg?? Surely not…crikey!”

Unsurprisingly, the post soon went viral, now with nearly 5,000 likes, 30,000 comments and 8,000 shares.

However, despite the tough-to-swallow image, some serious chocolate devotees weren't put off the moreish treat.

One social media user wrote [sic], "Meh I don’t even care, I’m still gonna eat a multipack in one sitting on more than one occasion. Creme Eggs are too good!"

Another agreed, adding: "Why would anyone be surprised there is this much sugar in a delicious egg-shaped chocolate delight? That’s why it tastes so good!"

"Who cares? They are amazing! I could easily eat six at a time," one said.

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Cadbury's Creme Eggs move down the production line at the Cadbury's Bournville production plant on December 15, 2009 in Birmingham, England. The historic confectioner is facing a hostile bid from food company Kraft. Workers and members of the union Unite held a meeting today and urged shareholders to resist selling up and to keep the company in British hands.  (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Creme Eggs are one of our favourite Easter treats. (Getty Images)

How much sugar should we eat a day?

While sweet treats should be enjoyed over Easter, it can be useful to be aware of our recommended daily sugar limits.

Adults should have no more than 30g of free sugars a day (what's added to popular biscuits, chocolate and cereals), roughly equivalent to seven sugar cubes, according to the NHS.

That means cracking open a cheeky Creme Egg for breakfast on Easter Sunday is going to push your sugar limit to the maximum, and instantly exceed your little ones' daily recommended limit. Though of course, Easter is only once a year.

Children aged seven to 10 should have no more than 24g of free sugars a day (six cubes), and children aged four to six should have no more than 19g a day (five cubes), it's advised.

There's no guideline limit for children under the age of four, but it's recommended they avoid sugar-sweetened drinks and food with sugar added to it.

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Bilham told The Sun in 2021 : "I found the amount of sugar claimed to be in a Creme Egg frightening to be honest. We all know they’re full of sugar but actually seeing it in pure form it appears such a lot."

"I have let my son eat them at Easter but I am conscious of his daily intake anyway and when you see eye-opening content like this on social media it does make you stop and think twice,” she added.

"However, we are chocolate lovers in our household and won’t be stopping eating them completely!"

With chocolate in all different shapes and sizes and Easter treats lining the shelves (Cadbury's now do a hot cross bun flavour!) – it'll prove hard saying no.

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