SEP 23 - OCT 22

The Moon injects inspiration and growth into your world now, and a more open mind could reveal how the world really is your oyster. This is a time to look beyond your own backyard at opportunities to broaden your mind or accept challenges that require confident comfort zone removal. If a new interest or pastime captures your imagination, pursue it with gusto. You could master it in no time! View your free weekly destiny video.
15 january
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe
  • The Modern Tarot Deck With 13,000 Amazon Reviews & A Near-Perfect Rating

    A modern tarot deck may strike you as an oxymoron; according to Robert Place in The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination, the cards developed in northern Italy in the early fifteenth century. But, in 2021, this Late Middle Age practice has become as commonplace as waking up and checking your Co-Star horoscope app. Many use tarot cards as a sort of pocket-sized spiritual therapist — or, as R29 writer Elizabeth Gulino describes it, “The cards are less about predicting the future than about pr

  • 36 Spiritual Gifts To Take You Higher, From Tarot Decks To Crystal Collections

    Shopping for spiritual people is all about intention and energy — you can’t overthink it. If you feel like a particular present is going to be the one true joy-sparker, then it probably is. That’s your intuition, baby. And, while it’s not necessary to have stuff to explore practices like meditation and divination, it’s fun to for an aspiring astrologist or crystal collector to receive a token that will help them hone their obsession. The right gift can even launch someone on their healing journe

  • The 5 Most Wanted Spiritual Products, According To R29 Readers

    Welcome to Spirit Guide! Your guide to all your spiritual, tarot, astrology, and occult-related shopping needs — from launch announcements and exclusive interviews to first-person reviews and gift guides. If you’re a fan of any of these and Refinery29, you’ve probably seen some of these stories already and maybe even bought a few of our recs. So to welcome in the spirits and cleanse our virtual spaces, we’ve compiled the most popular spiritual products that our readers (that’s you!) can’t get en

  • Your July Horoscope Is Here — It’s Time To Embrace Your Power

    Welcome to July! The summer and our horoscopes are heating up. On the 5th of July, chatty Mercury swims into Cancer and action planet Mars enters Taurus. These cosmic shifts will bring on a more passive energy, as Mercury in Cancer doesn’t speak their truths until they feel safe in doing so and Mars in Taurus likes to take a back seat in their passions.The Capricorn full moon on the 13th of July is a chance for us to “adult” ourselves and embrace our power. Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, addin

  • Neptune Retrograde Is Here To Give Us A Cosmic Reality Check

    It’s time for another annual cosmic ritual to take place in our skies: Neptune retrograde. Starting on 28th June and lasting until 3rd December, the Planet of Illusion, Dreams, and Fantasies will appear to spin backwards, sending our perception of our lives and the world around us into a bit of a topsy-turvy ride. Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, says that Neptune is one of the trickiest planets to master and under

  • Your X-Rated Summer Horoscope For 2022 Is Here

    The summer of 2022 brings a rare connection between rebel planet Uranus and the North Node of Destiny on July 31. Although this is the time they exactly unite, the effects have been underway since January and will be felt for years to come. Uranus and the North Node link up every 15 years, but this is the first time in centuries and the next time won't be until 2357. The years Uranus traveled through Taurus was back in 1934-1941. The revolutionary planet breezes through each zodiac sign in appro

  • Cancer Season Is Here To Chill You Out

    On 21st June — the same day as the summer solstice and the longest day of the year — the sun will leave its spot in Gemini and make its way over to the sign of the crab, meaning that Cancer season has finally arrived. For the next month, we’ll feel more connected to our roots, more sentimental, and ready to connect deeper with our homes and ourselves. Cancer season is often an emotional time, yes — but who ever said crying was a bad thing? Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for a

  • Your Horoscope This Week: 12th June to 18th June, 2022

    Another week of June and another week between eclipses, we begin with Mercury’s renewed efforts under the stars of Gemini, this time without the burden of Saturn in the mix. Things move forward, however slowly, and they change in their own time. The full moon in Sagittarius perfects on the 14th, opposing the Sun in Gemini and heightening our sense of how much is yet to be known in this universe (despite over-saturation, despite so much information at our fingertips). While a square to Neptune in

  • Your Horoscope This Week: 5th June to 11th June, 2022

    It’s only right that Saturn stations retrograde on 4th June, just after Mercury stations direct in Taurus. It’s only to be expected that Saturn makes a waning square to Mercury as the week begins, as if to remind us that the cosmos keeps a schedule we have little power over — no matter how often we study the ephemeris and plan accordingly. Of course, Saturn’s retrograde is a yearly affair and lasts well into October, a transit that ultimately fades into the background of our daily lives. It’s th

  • Mercury Retrograde Is Over — But The Chaos Isn’t

    Mercury, computer artwork. Well folks, it’s time to give yourselves a pat on the back. We’ve survived one of the most-talked about transits in modern astrology: Mercury retrograde. On 3rd June, the Planet of Communication will officially station direct in Taurus, bringing all of the technological haywire, misunderstandings, and confusing communications to an end — at least, we hope. While the end of Mercury retrograde is usually something to celebrate, this transit is closing on a bit of a sour

  • Your Horoscope This Week: 29th May to 4th June, 2022

    This week, we bid May farewell and welcome June, so named after the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, as well as the protector of the Roman Empire. But what is an empire to a goddess? In an interview between well-known astrologers, Chris Brennan and Demetra George, George took on the mythology of June and what it can mean for the asteroid Juno’s significance in our collective astrology. She connected the meaning of Juno to “women’s equity across the board” tracing her myth out from under

  • A Fortune-Teller Saw My Future in My Eyebrows

    As a Vietnamese immigrant, I found understanding in the horoscope readers of my family and the Asian diaspora

  • Rosetta Getty Launches Zodiac Signs Collaboration for Pre-fall

    Within the pre-fall season, founder and creative director Rosetta Getty is releasing a zodiac-inspired collaboration with astrologist Ilana Kozlov.

  • We Reviewed Hint, A New Astrology App That Delivers Star-Powered, Personalised Insights

    Calling all star signs, from the astro-curious to the straight-up celestially obsessed. A new phone app has crash-landed into this universe, and Hint is here to break down what’s written in the stars. Utilising real space data from NASA, your birth information, and personalised advice from actual astrologers, it offers up a guiding light through life’s journeys. Whether you’re a novice or well-versed in this spiritual practice, you can learn a little something from the intentional and insightful

  • Your Horoscope This Week: 15th to 21st May, 2022

    As ever, the third week of May is full of potent transits. Ceres moves under the nurturing stars of Cancer in the early hours of May 15th, bringing with her a story of love and loss, of fertility and death. In many ways, Ceres is the goddess of cycles as humans understand them, the goddess of motherhood — biological and otherwise. On the same day, Venus meets Chiron in Aries at 14 degrees. With Mercury retrograde, their meeting is likely to bring forth difficult conversations but, if successful,

  • Your Horoscope This Week: 8th to 14th May, 2022

    The second week of May opens strong and closes stronger. It begins with a first-quarter moon in Leo on the night of the 8th, a moon with strong initiatory energy that rubs against all material odds and obstacles. It’s the kind of moon that dares us to defy our own expectations for ourselves. This is the energy we enter Mercury retrograde with in the early hours of 10th May, an energy that we will have to temper for the sake of logistics. But tempering is not the same as tamping down or snuffing

  • Mama & Me: An Ode To The Grandmother Who Loved Me When My Mother Couldn’t

    I’ve spent my entire life yearning for love. In cocktail conversations and other interactions in which I’m trying to be charming, I like to blame this quality on being a Libra. If you believe in horoscopes, like I do, you’ll know that people born under the sign of the scales are known for being romantics. But deep down I know that the roots of my longing for love are probably more pedestrian: I was born of a single mother and a wayward Jamaican father. He lived in the United Kingdom and worked t

  • Your Horoscope This Week: 1st May to 7th May, 2022

    The days that follow a solar eclipse are days drenched in its echo. So, as we move forward into May, slow and steady under the Sun in Taurus, it’s more than likely that we will feel the effects of this recent lunation — even if we can’t always put a finger on it. Eclipse season is cyclical and cycles build over time, like waves cresting. The moon in Taurus answers to Venus, which made a conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces on the same day, fuelling the cosmos with a hunger for beauty, for love that

  • Your May 2022 Horoscope Is Here — & The Vibes Are (Mostly) Good

    Leave it to the eclipses and Mercury retrograde to make a seemingly exciting month feel as though it’s an emotional wash. However, once we are deep in May, we’ll find that there is plenty of sparky energy to ignite our passions and visions — even if Mercury’s drama, unpredictability, and annoyances slows down the vibe. May the force be with you…Venus enters Aries on May 2 and then moves into Taurus on May 28, making the reward for the romantic chase worth the effort. Mercury retrograde begins on

  • Your Horoscope This Week: 17th to 23rd April, 2022

    We begin this week recovering from the full moon in Libra, a moon that marks the close of the eclipse cycle that began in November 2021 with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus followed by the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in December 2021. It’s a week that invites us to reflect on what has transpired within us and between us during that time, a week that helps us prepare for the new cycle: the solar eclipse on 30th April in Taurus. The square to Pluto that the full moon made on the 16th heightens the te