Holly Willoughby’s One-Year-Old Son Is Already Potty Trained

Holly has revealed that her one-year-old son is already nappy free [Photo: Rex Features]

For some parents potty training is a leak-free walk in the park, but for others no amount of bribing coaxing will entice their little one to step away from the nappies. It turns out that Holly Willoughby’s one-year-old son, Chester falls into the first camp as the TV presenter revealed that her youngest boy is already potty trained, despite being a few weeks short of his second birthday.

Speaking on This Morning, the mum-of-three explained that her house is now a “nappy-free zone after Chester decided he “didn’t want to be a baby any more.”

“Chester turns two this month and he doesn’t want to wear nappies – or even be a baby,” she said.

Holly posted this picture to Instagram explaining that Chester had instigated the potty training [Photo: Instagram/hollywilloughby]

“He won’t sit in a high chair, he won’t let you put a bib on him, anything that resembles being a baby he doesn’t want to do, which I think is to do with the older two.”

“He just kept pulling his own nappy off. So I thought right, well I’ll get you a potty, but you’re a one-year-old boy I’m not sure this is going to work,” she said on yesterday’s This Morning.

“For about two weeks in the house he would have no clothes on and he would just go off and do a wee and he was doing it and he was fine,” the 35-year-old continued.

“Then on Monday I thought right I’m going to take you out for the first time. I had one of those portable potties, we had the tailgate down on the car, he was having a wee on the back of the car, it was all fine and anyway he’s done it.

“We are a nappy-free zone except for at night.”

Holly revealed her parenting news on her return to This Morning on Monday [Photo: Instagram/hollywilloughby]

Holly put little Chester’s fast learning down to having an older brother, Harry, 7 and sister, Belle, 5. But whatever the reason we’re sure parents everywhere will be more than a little impressed with his potty-using abilities. And if you’re currently in the midst of the potty-training fog, and Holly’s news made you want to weep into the wetwipes, don’t despair, as they all get there in the end.

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