Holly Willoughby Accused Of Bragging About Her Daughter Wearing Same £390 Shoes As Blue Ivy


Holly Willoughby’s latest Instagram post has caused quite the backlash [Photo: Instagram/@HollyWilloughby]

Beware the bragging backlash!

She doesn’t normally put a foot wrong when it comes to style or keeping her fans happy, but even Holly Willoughby isn’t immune to the odd bit of criticism. The 35-year-old This Morning presenter has recently been slammed for splashing out on £390 designer shoes for her daughter, Belle, to wear to a birthday party at a farm.

The ritzy high-top trainers, embellished with crystals are the very same pair worn by Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy to the VMAs.

Sharing a cute snap of her daughter, Belle’s feet clad in the trainers, Holly made a comparison between Blue wearing them to the glamorous VMAs, in New York and Belle donning them to a birthday party at a farm.

“Blue Ivy going to the VMAs… Belle going to a birthday party at the farm! #giuseppezanotti @giuseppezanottidesign,” she captioned the shot.

But some of Holly’s 1.3 million followers were less than impressed with the post, with some accusing the TV star of boasting.


Blue Ivy wore the £390 trainers to the VMAs [Photo: Getty]

“Don’t show off with ridiculously over priced trainers holly…” one woman wrote. “For a child as well, who will grow out of them in weeks and scuff them in seconds… Bragging wasn’t something I had you down for…”

“Wow!! Why would you spend so much on a kids pair of shoes,” asked another.

“Why would you let her wear them to the farm? Must be made of money,” added another.

Others pointed out that the post was effectively pitting one child against another in a sort of mini style-off. And one fan was so upset by they share they claimed they were going to unfollow the TV presenter.


Holly is mum to Belle, 5, Henry, 7 and Chester, 1 [Photo: Instagram/@HollyWilloughby]

But not everyone was outraged by the post and in fact many fans were completely bemused by the negative reaction, stepping in to defend Holly’s decision to share the post.

“Good for you @HollyWilloughby ignore all the negativity ppl are so jealous. You are a hard working mum and can do as you please post away I’d do the same if I was in your shoes,” one woman wrote.

“Wow really people?! She’s made a comparison between her child going to a farm wearing the shoes and Blue Ivy wearing them to a swanky event. NO BRAGGING at all. Got to love the keyboard warriors,” added one woman

“Wow…you lot sound bitter…so what if she wants to spend money on her kids shoes, she’s worked hard to be successful so if she wants to spend her hard earned money on her kids then fair play to her,” another fan responded to the backlash.

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