Holly Willoughby's new co-star branded 'TV's biggest flop' ahead of Netflix show

Bear Grylls has been cheekily dubbed the 'biggest TV flop' as he gears up for his new Netflix adventure with Holly Willoughby.

The survival expert is set to thrill audiences in 2025 with Bear Hunt, a series that will see him tracking down celebrities in a Central American jungle, and Holly Willoughby is on board as host.

During his Never Give Up tour stop in Newcastle on Friday (April 19), Bear shared some laughs about the show, joking: "I drop 12 celebrities in the middle of the jungle and I get like twenty-odd days to track them down. What can possibly go wrong?".

However, the star also opened up about his less successful ventures to the crowd and confessed about the many shows that got axed early on. He said: "I actually listed it out to my children only a few weeks ago, all of the TV shows we've had that have been canned after not just one season but sometimes like a couple of episodes in."

Bear then revealed a whopping 25 projects that fizzled out before they could make an impression, before reflecting on the nature of success in television, reports the Mirror.

He said: "People remember the three, four, or five shows that were produced multiple seasons and win the good stuff and worked. You only get the good stuff by going through the bad stuff."

The survival expert is teaming up with Holly for his new show, which is billed as being similar to I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, that will launch on Netflix. It will see a group of British celebs being dropped into the jungle to face Bear.

They'll then be tested on their survival skills and those who don't impress will have to endure the "bear hunt" where he will hunt them down. If they're caught, they're out of the game.

The star will test celeb's survival skills
The star will test celeb's survival skills

It's yet to be announced which celebrities will be taking part but it is being produced by Bear's own company, The Natural Studios, and two co-producers.

This will mark Holly's first new show since her departure from This Morning last year. After a brief hiatus from TV, Holly returned to host Dancing on Ice alongside Stephen Mulhern, who had replaced her former co-star Phillip Schofield. It will also be her first foray out of mainstream TV and onto a streaming service.