Holly Willoughby shares sweet note son wrote to the tooth fairy and parents can relate

Holly Willoughby has shared a sweet note her son wrote to the tooth fairy, pictured November 2019. Getty Images)
Holly Willoughby has shared a sweet note her son wrote to the tooth fairy, pictured November 2019. Getty Images)

Holly Willoughby has given an insight into her family life by sharing an adorable letter her son wrote to the tooth fairy after losing his first tooth.

The 39-year-old This Morning presenter shared a photo of the note her son, Chester, five, had written after getting himself in a “panic” because he didn’t have the tooth to put under his pillow.

After dropping his tooth in the grass, Chester decided to write directly to the tooth fairy to lay out his concerns.

“To Tooth Fairy, I lost my tooth today in the grass,” the sweet note read. “Please can you still come. Love Chester.”

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Mum-of-three, Willoughby, added her own caption to the post to explain the background of the lost tooth and why her son was so worried.

“Slight panic when Chester lost his first tooth today and could find it... I’m sure the tooth fairy will still come,” she wrote.

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Thousands of people responded to Willoughby’s Instagram post, with many wanting to reassure the five-year-old that the tooth fairy would likely still come.

“Tell him to have happy dreams that make him smile. Then when the tooth fairy comes she'll see the gap and know it's missing,” one user wrote.

“Don’t worry! I work in a school and kids often swallow a loose tooth while eating lunch. The tooth fairy still comes they are alerted to a tooth coming out,” another commented.

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Others shared tales of their own experiences of tooth fairy concern.

“Oh so adorable! Sometimes our tooth fairy forgot to come because she had to fly all around the world and the time difference etc. (not that mummy forgot!),” one parent wrote.

“We lost one in the Christmas markets in Manchester with hundreds of people squashed together, ended up with a huge space opened up and everyone searching for it on a black and white tiled floor,” another shared.

“Never found it, tooth fairy came to the hotel, saying she had picked it up with her magic and it was perfect! It fell out [of] her woollen scarf at home about four weeks later... try explaining that one away.”

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Chester is the youngest of the children Willoughby shares with her TV producer husband, Dan Baldwin, alongside Belle, nine, and Harry, 11.

The presenter is famously protective of her children’s private lives, but recently opened up about being “riddled with guilt” over missing her two eldest children’s first days of school due to work commitments.

“Becoming a mum was the only thing I knew I definitely wanted when I was growing up, but the image I had never involved me being a working mum. That’s the biggest challenge,” she told Red magazine.

“I’ve been riddled with guilt about getting that part wrong. You love them so much and you don’t want to mess them up.”

Earlier this year New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern eased children’s concerns by confirming that the Tooth Fairy was considered an “essential worker” so could still operate during the coronavirus pandemic.

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