Holly Willoughby sparks debate over how to ripen tomatoes extra quickly

Holly Willoughby has returned to co-hosting This Morning after a summer break. (Getty Images)
Holly Willoughby has returned to co-hosting This Morning after a summer break. (Getty Images)

She’s busy back at work on the This Morning set, but Holly Willoughby has found time to harvest a small crop of tomatoes from her garden.

The TV star, 39, shared with her 6.8 million followers on Instagram a snap of the fresh produce – before asking for help on how to speed up the ripening process.

In the image, the mother-of-three placed five green-coloured tomatoes alongside a banana in a plastic box.

She wrote: “Now apparently this works to ripen them... My tomato plants are bursting with beautiful green tomatoes??? Any advice welcome please!”

Her post received more than 21,000 ‘likes’, with hundreds debating the presenter’s plan of action.

One person wrote: “I’ve been doing this with mine for over two weeks and still not changed colour. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle here.”

However, another commented: “Keeping next to bananas like you have is the best thing.”

And a third shared: “Mine are the same Holly!! I've read that bananas and apples ripen them... but don’t keep them in the fridge!”

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Bananas are said to encourage the ripening of tomatoes, and other fruits, by emitting ethylene gas.

Additionally, many social media users came to her rescue with alternative suggestions for getting the tomatoes ready-to-eat pronto.

Willoughby’s stylist Angie Smith advised: “Put them in a brown paper bag with a banana, same works for avocados.”

Another recommended: “Leave any green fruit or veg on a window ledge where the sun can shine on them, they will ripen in a couple of days.”

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A third told Willoughby to: “Wrap them in a tea towel/brown paper bag then place them in a drawer.”

Several also said that if all else fails, they would make a delicious green tomato chutney.

The star’s green-fingered activities came as she returned to TV screens this week with an assortment of stylish ensembles.

This meant a return of her popular daily outfit posts on Instagram – featuring dresses from French Connection and Rixo – from her ITV dressing room.

Last month, Willoughby revealed that, due to self-isolation measures following a seven-week holiday to Portugal, her children had to step in as photographers to shoot her latest M&S fashion campaign.

The star – who has been the brand’s face since September 2018 – shared a snap with her Instagram followers of young daughter Belle doing a make-up touch-up between looks.

She could be seen sat down beside a table of make-up, while wearing a stunning printed midi-dress – with another new-season floral midi-dress hung up behind her, as well as a hint of a check blazer jacket and a Fair Isle knitted jumper.