Helena Christensen celebrates dog's birthday with lasagne cake

Helena Christensen celebrated her dog Kuma's birthday with a cake made from lasagne credit:Bang Showbiz
Helena Christensen celebrated her dog Kuma's birthday with a cake made from lasagne credit:Bang Showbiz

Helena Christensen marked her dog Kuma's birthday by presenting her with a lasagne cake.

The supermodel shared pictures from the celebration showing her beloved Australian Shepherd dressed in a white lace cape with a blue bow and a birthday hat on her head gazing adoringly at a special slice of cake made from 20 layers of pasta and meat and topped with a single candle.

Helena, 54, posted pictures of Kuma's birthday treat on Instagram and wrote: "All she wanted for her 7th bday was a 20-layer lasagne ... Happy bday!!"

She went on to post another message in her Instagram Stories assuring fans Kuma likes getting dressed up for special occasions.

The former Victoria's Secret Angel added: "Kuma would like to thank everybody for their birthday wishes. She also wants you to know she loves getting dressed up. It makes her feel very important and she would like for it to happen more often but her mama refuses to listen to such nonsense."

Helena has previously credited Kuma with bringing her "love and joy" during a particularly tough time in her life.

In a message shared to mark her pet pooch's fifth birthday, she explained: "I never had a dog before her and had no idea how much love and joy these four-legged friends bring into our lives.

"Kuma is so smart, loyal, protective, incredibly loving and more than anything, very funny. She makes us laugh all day long. I was going through a rough time when we got her and it’s fair to say she pretty much saved my spirit.

"They say we don’t deserve dogs and perhaps that’s true, but I will do my damn best to deserve Kuma every single day she’s with me."

She also previously told the Guardian she listens to recordings of Kuma snoring when they're apart because she misses sharing a bed with her and she also uses the recording to help soothe her whenever she's feeling anxious

Helena explained: "'Getting our dog was absolutely the best thing I have done in my life besides having my son. Mentally, she makes me feel so much better. She sleeps in the bed with me. When I’m on trips I listen to recordings of her snoring ... If I am feeling anxious, like at an airport, I listen to it over and over. It’s like meditation."