The 'world's biggest' English breakfast boasts 135 items in total

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Nothing cures a hangover more than a hearty full English [Photo: Getty]
Nothing cures a hangover more than a hearty full English [Photo: Getty]

Nothing cures a hangover more than a hearty English breakfast but one establishment is serving up plate guaranteed to leave you desperate to get back into bed.

Shepherd’s Place Farm in Doncaster claims to deliver the “world’s biggest” full English with a grand total of 135 items.

We’re talking 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages, 12 eggs, 12 slices of black pudding, 12 hash browns and 12 pieces of buttery toast.

If that’s not enough to set you up for the day ahead, then the mountain of beans, tomatoes and mushrooms is sure to do the trick.

As expected, this isn’t merely a brekkie prepared for the average customer as the aptly-named ‘Terminator 3: Judgement Day’ meal is part of a serious eating challenge.

To win free breakfast at the cafe for an entire year, visitors have just one hour to lick the plate clean. Impossible, you cry!

In actual fact, it’s not. Kyle Gibson, a ‘professional competitive eater’, completed the challenge in an impressive 28 minutes.

We don’t know about you but the toast alone would have left us a little too bloated to even consider cracking on with the eggs.

That’s not all though, as he somehow managed to squeeze in a quick 10-scoop ice cream for dessert too.

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For those tempted, the challenge costs £20. If successful, you’ll see your name and photograph on the great wall of fame with a years-worth of breakfasts in your honour.

Anyone else feeling peckish?

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