Backlash after health blogger claims 'cancer is your body trying to save you'

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The health blogger has faced backlash from her followers [Photo: Instagram]
The health blogger has faced backlash from her followers [Photo: Instagram]

A prominent health and fitness blogger has faced backlash online after claiming that ‘cancer and disease is your body trying to save you’.

In a recent post, the Brisbane-based Instagrammer wrote: “Being open-minded and changing your perspective around what disease actually is and why it’s happening, will allow you to take back control of your health and realise that your body is ALWAYS working for you, and never against you.”

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She then went on to claim that cancer is a ‘survival mechanism’ designed to protect the body from toxicity caused by a poor diet.

And her controversial comments understandably sparked outrage from a large number of her 8,931 followers.

One took to Instagram to write: “My partner has terminal cancer. I’m sure you mean well but I can guarantee you are not qualified to make such a dangerous statement. Healthy diet has a very important role to play, but does not come anywhere near being a cure or remedy for cancer.”

He continued, “It is a highly complex and multifaceted disease, and I have witnessed first hand the unbearable pain and trauma it causes. Highly intelligent and dedicated people spend their lives studying cancer. Please leave it to them.”

While others were quick to compare Budgen to Belle Gibson on Twitter, a fellow blogger who controversially claimed that a change in diet cured her of cancer.

Gibson was eventually recently fined more than A$410,000 (£240,000) after launching an app based on her false claims.

And Budgen’s recent comments are just as detrimental as Martin Ledwick, Cancer Research UK’s head information nurse, told The Metro: “The recommendations in Budgen’s social media post bear no relation to any scientific facts about how cancer starts or how it can be treated.”

He continued, “Her stance is extremely insensitive to people who have cancer and to those who have lost someone to cancer, as it implies that a few changes to diet will save them.”

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