Have we been washing our hair all wrong?

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Whatever your cleansing regime is in the shower, most of us have one thing in common: We all shampoo, then condition our hair.

But a group of Mumsnet users claim to have found an ingenious new way to get perfect hair - conditioning before shampooing it.

In a thread posted at the weekend, a user of the site claimed that ‘reverse washing’ had astounding results and left her hair “soft and swishy and non-lardy” for the rest of the day:

“If done the traditional way my hair goes lank and greasy within 12 hours,” she wrote.

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It wasn’t long before the thread gathered 7,000 comments and revealed that this Mumsnetter wasn’t alone - loads of others used the trick, too.

One commenter wrote: “I discovered this recently too - it’s brilliant!

“And I sometimes leave out the conditioner entirely, which is great for 1 or 2 washes, but by the third I need to use it again or my hair just feels a bit dry.

“Always conditioner first, though.”

Some even said that conditioner wasn’t necessary at all, as one claimed: “My bonce is much softer doing it backwards than not conditioning at all.”

However, some experts aren’t in agreement. Natalia Maxwell, Artistic Director at Malcolm Murphy Hair told Mail Online:

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“Shampoo is designed to wash not only your hair but also your scalp; it gets rid of dirt and old skin cells.

“If you think of your hair in the same way as your skin, you’d never moisturise your face and then wash it with no after-care.

“Likewise, would you apply body lotion and then get in the shower, have a wash with shower gel and just dry yourself off?

“Conditioner is there to nourish hair and ‘lock in’ essential oils, whether that’s moisture or protein.

“Reverse washing is not something I’d recommend; because it just washes all that nourishment out [from the conditioner]; it makes no sense.”

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