You’ve probably been applying your eye cream totally wrong

[Photo: Pexels]

If you’re like most of us, you apply eye cream to one area of your face in particular - to your under eyes.

But according to experts, this isn’t where we should be putting it at all - doing so might, in fact, be having the opposite of the desired effect.

Yep - we’re as surprised as you.

Facialist and skincare expert Caroline Hitchcock told This Is Powder that we should never apply eye cream between our eye socket bone and lower lid; the crescent below our eye where we find dark under-eye circles.

[Photo: Pexels]

She said that hydrating eye creams that contain hylauronic acid “draw in moisture to the eye area” - and that as the under-eye area is where we collect lymphatic fluid (puffiness), we don’t want to attract more water to area.

Hitchcock had other nuggets of information on the topic, too. For example, we should apply eye cream in soft tapping moments using a finger instead of rubbing it in. This is because the skin around our eyes is thinner than on the rest of our face, and particularly prone to wrinkles.

You also only need a tiny pea-sized bit of product on each eye - any more will cause puffiness.

Well, that’ll take some getting used to.

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