Here’s another great reason to drink coffee, according to science


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Coffee haters, say what you will; any flat white or latte connoisseur knows that coffee is the elixir of life.

And that isn’t just because it perks us up in the morning and is tasty as, it turns out - a recent study has found that women over 65 who drink two to three cups of coffee a day reduce their risk of dementia by a third.

Testing 6,467 older women, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that self-reported caffeine consumption of more than 261 mg a day was linked to a 36% reduction in the risk of dementia.

The results were also gathered during 10 years of follow up.

And it’s not just coffee that has this effect - three 8oz cups of coffee per day could also be five to six 8oz cups of black tea, or seven to eight 12oz cans of coke.


[Photo: Pexels]

Professor Ira Driscoll, who lead the study, told the Metro: “The mounting evidence of caffeine consumption as a potentially protective factor against cognitive impairment is exciting given that caffeine is also an easily modifiable dietary factor with very few contraindications.

In other words, it’s an especially interesting discovery since coffee is a pretty harmless substance to start taking.

Driscoll continued: “What is unique about this study is that we had an unprecedented opportunity to examine the relationships between caffeine intake and dementia incidence in a large and well-defined, prospectively-studied cohort of women.”

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