'Happiness is youthful': 64-year-old Christie Brinkley reveals her secrets to looking and feeling young

Christie Brinkley. Image via Getty Images.
Christie Brinkley. Image via Getty Images.

Words: Elizabeth Di Filippo

Christie Brinkley is sharing life lessons and beauty secrets in a new interview with beauty blog Byrdie.

The 64-year-old legendary supermodel is on the hunt for a talented hair and makeup artist as a judge on Lifetime’s reality TV competition, ‘American Beauty Star’ co-starring Ashley Graham.

Having worked as a sought-after model since she was discovered in 1979, Brinkley told the blog she can see plenty and pros and cons to navigating the fashion and beauty world in this day and age.

“I would say a positive is that you’re so capable of steering your own career through social media and creating your own brand. Authenticity is really being appreciated now, more so than when I started my career,” she explained.

While Brinkley admires that entrepreneurs are making their own opportunities online, she calls social media a ‘double-edged sword’.

“You can be so exposed, and some things can come out the wrong way, and then you to have a lot of explaining to do,” she said.

Despite being known for her all-American good looks, Brinkley says the one beauty lesson she instills in her children, 32-year-old Alexa Ray Joel, 23-year-old Jack and 20-year-old Sailor Brinkley-Joel is to protect their skin by wearing sunblock.

Brinkley with daughters Alexa Ray Joel and Sailor Brinkley Cook. Image via Getty Images.
Brinkley with daughters Alexa Ray Joel and Sailor Brinkley Cook. Image via Getty Images.

“It’s the best anti-aging advice and my biggest regret,” she said. “We just didn’t know anything back then. My mom, if she heard me sneeze she’d say, ‘Honey go outside; get a healthy tan.'”

Brinkley also revealed the one piece of advice she wishes she could give to her younger self saying, “I’d say, ‘You’re enough.’ I wish somehow I knew I didn’t have to try so hard.”

Now, the single and vibrant model and entrepreneur says healthy living and laughter are the key to looking and feeling young.

“I think laughter is the greatest de-stressor,” she told Byrdie. “Number one, call up a friend or your family and hang out. Don’t wallow in it. Just get out the door. Get outside… And of course, smiling! I really do think it has to do with an attitude of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude keeps you happy, and happiness is youthful.”

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