Gwen Stefani's new backcombed '60s bob is her best hairstyle to date

When it comes to hair transformations Gwen Stefani has had her fair share, but her latest might just be our favourite yet. The singer debuted her new '60s inspired bob on The Voice and I don't know about you, but I'm already reaching for my backcombing brush and hairspray.

Gwen's hairstylist Suzette Boozer was the one behind her new look and shared the most stunning picture of the singer on her Instagram, which I immediately double tapped.

Wearing a gold embellished head band (complete with jumbo crystals) to sweep her hair back from her face, Gwen's shorter length is styled in voluminous bob, complete with '60s style flicked up ends.

Not only that, but her makeup only added to the Twiggy era vibe thanks to statement clumped bottom lashes, white eyeliner and peachy nude lip.

While I'm going to struggle to create this hairstyle at home (let's be honest), I am most definitely going to attempt to recreate this makeup when Gwen's brand GXVE launches on Sephora UK later this month.

The makeup artist behind the look was Ernesto Casillas who did God's work for all of us by sharing an entire breakdown of every single product he used, including a Pat McGrath concealer and One Size powder and bronzer.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Looks like I'll not only be mastering my backcombing technique but also my shopping skills when I inevitably place a Sephora UK order later.

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