Grandma gets swept out to sea on iceberg after posing for photo

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A 77-year-old grandma risked getting swept away forever by the sea after posing for a photograph on an iceberg.

Catherine Streng, 24, shared in a now-viral Twitter post how her grandmother Judith found herself cast into the ocean.

Judith couldn’t help but pose atop a throne-shaped iceberg for a photograph opportunity.

However, disaster struck when it broke away from the shore.

Judith Streg was swept away to sea on an iceberg. [Photo: Twitter/Xiushook]
Judith Streg was swept away to sea on an iceberg. [Photo: Twitter/Xiushook]

The English teacher from Texas, US, who currently lives in South Korea, first learnt of the account in a series of text messages from her father, which she has since shared to tell the story.

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Grandmother Judith was subsequently rescued by a passenger called Randy Lacount, who just so happened to be a boat captain visiting from Florida.

Despite the potentially-dangerous nature of what happened, Judith sees the funny side.

“She always been adventurous,” Streng tells Yahoo UK of her grandmother, whom she affectionately refers to as “Noni”.

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She’s travelled around the world since before my father was born. She finds the incident funny and is happy that everyone’s enjoying the story.”

Judith is “just fine” and “resting at home in Texas now”.

Over on Twitter, one user was amused by the fact the father kept on taking pictures while Judith was swept away.

People have also weighed in with their ‘Frozen’ comparisons, drawing parallels between the grandma’s plight and ‘Frozen’ character Elsa’s time in the Snow Kingdom.

Judith isn’t the only grandparent to become a viral sensation. Last December, a grandfather warmed everyone’s hearts on Twitter for the sweet way he answered the door to his granddaughter, Jennifer.