Genius pillow uses NASA technology to help you fall asleep faster

A new pillow uses NASA technology for your best night’s sleep ever! [Photo: Getty]
A new pillow uses NASA technology for your best night’s sleep ever! [Photo: Getty]

From counting sheep to chugging the warm milk, the struggle for a good night’s sleep is oh. so. real.

But scientists claim to have devised a pillow that promises to deliver the best sleep ever.

The Simba Hybrid uses NASA-approved technology, which responds to your body heat as you drop off to sleep.

The outer surface of the £95 pillow features Outlast, a special coating that was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature variations.

When we sleep our body temperature fluctuates between 1-2 degrees causing the average person to lose up to 1 litre of water. But the outer layer in this all new smart pillow helps to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night..

So no more having to flip the pillow to the cold side, because it will stop the bed sweats in the first place.

The wonder pillow also claims to be the first of its kind to use Nanotubes – laser cut, cylindrical memory foam tubes designed to automatically respond to the shape, weight and position of your head for the comfiest night’s sleep ever!

The Simba Hybrid uses NASA technology to keep your temperature regulated [Photo: Simba]
The Simba Hybrid uses NASA technology to keep your temperature regulated [Photo: Simba]

Commenting on the innovative design of the pillow Simba told Daily Mail: “A poor mattress can result in a restless night, setting you up badly for the day – but how often do you take into consideration the quality and comfort of your pillows?

“Often undervalued, the pillow has a mighty job on its hands. Supporting one of the most important, busiest and heaviest parts of your body – the human head – which weighs between 4.5 and 5.5kgs.

“According to the Sleep Council, a good pillow should hold our head in the same position as it would be if you were standing upright with good posture.”

The Simba Hybrid isn’t the only sleep wonder product to hit the market recently, parents are also singing the praises of a new lamp, which helps send babies to sleep within minutes.

Glow Dreaming, is the brainchild of one formerly sleep-deprived mum who found it difficult to cope with her daughter’s inability to fall asleep, following the death of a loved one.

The genius lamp combines light therapy, aromatherapy, pink noise and a humidifier, which all help to relax and calm children and ease them into a slumber.

In other sleep news, a study recently revealed that a daily nap could be the key to productivity.

The Sleep Foundation quotes a NASA study that found a 40 minute nap improves productivity by 34% and alertness by 100%. Tested on astronauts and pilots, those are stats you can definitely take to your boss.

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