Flying car that will get you from Heathrow Airport to Canary Wharf in eight minutes

Bellwether Industries/Cover Images

London-based urban air mobility company Bellwether Industries has unveiled its third-generation aircraft model design, Oryx.

The new airframe design highlights the difference from the previous models and makes the advance in technology. Oryx is initially sized to carry one pilot and two passengers for a particular purpose and will be available for up to four passengers in the future generation.

The aircraft retains the key feature of the hidden propulsion system and is estimated to be 6.2 metres in length and 3.8 metres in width, slightly bigger than an SUV car.

It will be capable of completing a journey from Heathrow Airport to Canary Wharf, which takes 50 to 100 minutes by car, within 8 minutes at a cruise speed of 140 kilometres per hour.

"Oryx is one step ahead in the journey to the ultimate goal of realising the potential of volar," commented Vidyut Jacob, Senior Director of Mobility and Strategy at Bellwether.

"We envisage that volar will define a new category of private aircraft focusing on city compatibility and lead people toward a three-dimensional lifestyle."

When it comes to the next step, the company states that Oryx will debut in 2023 and see the take-off for the first time in Dubai with its partners, Enata Aerospace and Inmarsat. The significant step forward offers a broader range of possibilities for Bellwether.