Finding comfort in good chocolate and the phases of the moon

<span>‘Respite among the rage’: Bare Bones chocolate</span><span>Photograph: PR</span>
‘Respite among the rage’: Bare Bones chocolatePhotograph: PR

A recent trip to London saw me scammed. Not something that has ever befallen me before, but a trusted friend had sent me a link. I was on a No 30 bus, ambling along at peace with the world, wondering how far away London is from gridlock, and my bullshit antenna was in the rest position. The friend was genuine, but the link to a too-good-to-be-true sale was not. Impulsivity and greed are punishing teachers. The financial impact was small, the ripple effects pernicious.

When you’ve been scammed, your instincts go on high alert. You button up and become brittle

When you’ve been scammed, your instincts go on high alert. You button up and become brittle. Being open and kind requires comfort and safety, no matter what Instagram says. I pulled on my headphones and headed home, thankful for a pre-bought ticket (the only card I had was blocked). The post was there, all bills and bollocks and… a Bare Bones package with new bars within. Respite among the rage.

Their latest collaboration (they do a few, not many) is with, a café also based in Glasgow, and it is the Limited Edition Lunar Cookie bar, £7.95/70g (goes on sale today, 16 June). The lunar cookie is based on an American Jewish half-moon cookie, a rich and soft mix of cocoa and buckwheat, glazed with BB’s famous Dominican salted chocolate and topped with white chocolate to mimic the lunar cycle (who needs apps?). For the bar, this cookie is ground with BB’s 77% Guatemalan chocolate, sprinkled with cookie crumb and then part dipped in salted white chocolate.

It’s a gorgeously complex dark, salty, sweet, malty bar. It’s very easy to eat as the empty wrapper on my desk testifies.

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