The Fashion Insider Diary: Wiggy Hindmarch


If investing in versatile pieces is your fashion bread and butter, look no further than Wiggy Kit. Founded by Wiggy Hindmarch, the brand prioritises maximum wearability with minimal effort, a philosophy that shines through in her multifunctional designs.

The designer (who, in case you were wondering, is related to fashion designer Anya Hindmarch through her marriage to Anya's brother William) was unable to find pieces suitable for both the beach and the city, which led to the birth of her brand in 2015. Having lived in various parts of the world, from the UK to the USA, and now splitting her time between London and Harbour Island in the Bahamas, she understands the need for quality clothing adaptable to diverse environments.

From sarong dresses to shorts and shirt sets that double as beach cover-ups or separates to pair with denim, her pieces strike a balance between relaxed and tailored, exuding effortless chic and epitomising versatility.

She describes her style as "classic with a twist" (yet hates the term), but it's undeniable that her signature aesthetic resonates, making her creations wardrobe 'icons' that are re-worn forever. Refusing to be dictated by trends or sacrifice comfort for style, Wiggy crafts timeless yet eye-catching and utterly delectable pieces.

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Wiggy's week in outfits:

Brunch with girlfriends

As I am currently away on vacation my normal work week does not apply. Wearing our Square Neck Dress in fresh Green seersucker as I was having a few girlfriends over for brunch. I needed a throw-on dress that felt comfortable and breezy and allowed me to enjoy just sitting and chatting with my friends in comfort whilst looking put together and chic.

Beach-to-Zoom call ready

After a long walk on the beach first thing, I had a few work zoom calls to get through so I wanted to look presentable and put together from the waist up! I opted for our newest shorter-length Bunny Dress because it’s a real ‘face-framer’. Those cute little puff sleeves and the signature knot at the décolleté really are whimsical. I love the combo of a covered arm, a high-ish neck but a fun neckline to balance it all. And this print is too pretty for words.

Beachside dining

Lunch today at one of our favourite spots on the island. Beachside dining on the prettiest pink sands beach called for our newest Eden Dress in our equally pretty pink with white contrast top-stitching and ric-rac. Our own signature linen chambray has the loveliest drape and feels so cool and airy. I love how the details and pockets really shape the silhouette.

Wiggy Hindmarch
Wiggy Hindmarch

Travelling and lunching

I love our Gaucho Sets due to their proportions and ease. Pure effortless chic and great travelling attire. I wore this heading down to see friends further afield on another island. A small boat and car ride in the heat of the day followed by lunch when we arrived, meant I needed to be comfortable yet able to pull up at lunch.

The evening party

A celebratory party in honour of the lunar eclipse later that evening called for a very special dress. The August Dress in Chartreuse hammered silk was just the thing. We have been producing a few more occasion-style dresses that can also be worn casually whilst away, or formally when in town. A few more daring details elevates and brings the party whilst remaining elegant at all times.

Wiggy Hindmarch
Wiggy Hindmarch

The Fashion Insider low-down:

Can you describe your personal style in a few words? How does it reflect your role in the fashion industry?

I hate the term ‘classic with a twist - a very big twist” but it gets fairly close to my personal aesthetic and outlook. You need to surprise people and make an impact or else it all becomes a bit 'blah'! I enjoy contrasts so throwing something unusual into the pot. My aim is to make you look your best self and also make others sit up and pay attention.

What's your go-to outfit for a busy day of fashion events and meetings? How do you balance comfort and style?

A shoe or boot I can walk in or stand in all day, usually a statement skirt and a simple knit and a very cool coat or jacket. Always oversized. I like to feel fortified.

What are your go-to brands?

I produce everything I need to wear throughout the year so it really falls to accessories and basics to supplement what I already create, so shoes like Aquazzura, statement jewellery from Rebecca de Ravenel and winter boots from Loeffler Randall.

Do you have any fashion icons or inspirations that influence your style choices? How do they inspire you?


What's your weekday workwear wardrobe like, and how does it differ from your weekend attire?

Weekdays can be hectic, it very much depends on what I am doing that day but if I am just working from the studio it will be a ‘chuck on’ dress in the summer like the Topper shirt Dress with a pair of flat sandals or a cosy turtleneck like our Waffle Turtleneck with either one of our decorative statement Gaucho skirts in the winter with a pair of knee high boots or with our uber flattering high-waisted jeans.

 Accessories can make or break an outfit. What are your must-have accessories, and how do you use them to elevate your look?

I love a statement earring and then no necklace. A necklace can often fight with a neckline and take away from the outfit. Necklines and décolleté are very important features of our pieces and they really frame the face so I find a statement earring helps draw attention to that area without ruining any lines. A chunky ring also elevates a look in the evening and I get so many compliments on the chunky cocktail rings I have from Swarovski. I am a yellow gold girl as I really feel it brings life and warmth to the skin.

Shoes are vitally important. The wrong toe shape or heel can ruin a look. Again statement all the way. One style I cannot do though is the platform.

In the fashion world, trends are constantly evolving. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, and do you incorporate them into your wardrobe?

I will not be ruled by trends, rather I concentrate on what is flattering and makes the most of my assets and detracts from my flaws. Colour is important, and getting the correct tones that will make you look healthy and well at any time of year. The right fabrics are also vitally important - the weight, the structure etc. A strong aesthetic is the rule - a definite point of view when it comes to dressing. Fading into oblivion is not an option. Our cuts are second to none and elongate legs, make waists smaller and more defined, giving you a beautiful silhouette.

Many people admire the way fashion insiders put together outfits effortlessly. Can you share some of your styling tips for mixing and matching pieces?

I am not afraid to play with proportions - always have something a little ‘off’ whether it be a giant shirt or pretty dress in a ‘destroyed’ print or mixing something dressy with something casual like a sequin skirt with a chunky sweater. Mix prints and don’t be afraid to stand out. I love masculine/feminine looks. Borrowed from your boyfriend with something overtly feminine.

Fashion insiders often attend high-profile events and parties. What's your strategy for creating memorable looks for evening parties?

Not trying too hard, BUT make an effort! Again mix high and low together - a knit with a sequin skirt. The evening is meant to be ‘extra’ so do not apply the same rules in the evening as you do for the day. Inject some sex appeal even if in a demure way. There must be some reference to something alluring. Don’t forget hair, makeup and jewellery might need amping up for the evening too. Don’t be too overly tasteful - it comes across as boring for the evening.

The fashion industry can be demanding. How do you balance comfort and style when you have long days of meetings and appointments?

I refuse to sacrifice comfort over style: I don’t see why it cannot be both. If you feel uncomfortable, you look uncomfortable. I would say this is the bedrock of our designs and one of the main motivations for what I do and why people keep coming back. Our designs make you feel comfortable, which has a direct knock-on effect on how you come across and also be able to live in the moment. Also, I refuse to be cold. So the challenge always is how to do winter and events in a way you won't feel cold, over-exposed and uncomfortable for example. The same applies to the summer and the opposite issues. Problem-solving is the motivation. Allowing you to be you and forget about what you are wearing.