Family fly to Legoland Denmark for £200 LESS than trip to same UK resort

A family flew to Denmark for 24 hours to go to Legoland after bagging £30 return flights - and say it was cheaper than a day trip to Windsor. Nicola, 46 and her husband Alan Sutcliffe, 57, took their son Matthew, eight, to Legoland Billund as they realised it would be cheaper than going to Legoland Windsor. The family spent £30 on return flights each - flying from Edinburgh Airport on April 7, 2024 at 7.20pm before staying the night in a private room at Legoland for £165. They spent the next day exploring Legoland and grabbing dinner before flying back at 9.55pm. Despite splashing out on a overnight Nicola and Alan, primary teacher and stay at home, still estimate they saved around £184. They loved it so much they are already thinking of doing it again.