Emmerdale's Danny Miller addresses breastfeeding benefits while celebrating wife nursing baby on live TV

Watch: Danny Miller's wife Steph breastfeeds baby live on Loose Women

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has been applauded by fans for helping normalise breastfeeding after he praised his wife for nursing their baby on live TV.

The actor, 32, and his wife made an appearance on Friday's Loose Women to discuss the difficulties they faced conceiving, as Steph, who is a midwife, suffers from polycystic ovaries (PCOS), which can impact fertility.

However, Miller has hinted that some viewers had taken issue when after the mum-of-two decided to feed her unsettled baby during the interview.

Hoping to address any negativity the couple may have experienced Danny shared a positive message to fans on Instagram, praising his wife for "flying the breastfeeding flag" and "showing how when it’s needed, nothing comes before it".

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The Emmerdale actor has been praised for an Instagram post breaking down the stigmas surrounding breastfeeding in public. (ITV/Loose Women)
The Emmerdale actor has been praised for an Instagram post breaking down the stigmas surrounding breastfeeding in public. (ITV/Loose Women)

"We had such a beautiful day today down @loosewomen talking all about life as a family of four and having two under two!" he wrote alongside an image of the family appearing on the panel.

"I wanted to take this moment to say how incredibly proud I am of my wife @stephjones1710 - the most incredible Mother - for flying the breastfeeding flag and showing how when it’s needed, nothing comes before it. I bloody love this woman. In absolute awe of her.

He went on to address some of the benefits of breastfeeding while also breaking down some of the stigmas, which sadly still surround nursing in public: "Breastfeeding is completely normal and natural. It’s food. It’s responding to the babies needs. It really is that simple. And whenever they need it, they should have it. Regardless of the situation. Including live television.

"I hope that Edith needing exactly that helps towards normalising breastfeeding wherever and whenever."

Danny Miller, pictured, he has been applauded for helping to normalise breastfeeding. (Getty Images)
Danny Miller has applauded his wife for helping to normalise breastfeeding. (Getty Images)

He finished his post by thanking fans for their supportive messages, which continued in the comments section.

"I was watching this afternoon and I literally thought 'yes girl' then thought 'I bet some Karen has something to say about that' but why should that thought even have crossed my mind?? I hope that there aren’t any negative comments or responses!! Lots of love a fellow midwife," one user wrote.

Danny responded: "Wasting their time if they do mate they just get deleted. You midwives are cut from a different cloth! Thank you for everything you do."

Other fans also shared their support for the family. "Was a breath of fresh air seeing a mother feeding her child! It’s the most natural thing in the world ! Well done Steph !" one wrote.

"Was watching today and thought how amazing Steph was for just getting on with feeding her baby without a second thought and everyone just carrying on with chatting as normal, as it 100% should be," another agreed.

Others said it had given them the confidence to continue feeding their own children in public.

"After recently being sniggered at in a small cafe for feeding my 2 month old baby I have to say it totaly [sic] made me uncomfortable to feed in public again," one mother shared. "Watching this gave me the motivation to feel confident to feed out of the house again."

The couple announced the arrival of their second child at the beginning of August, with the I’m a Celebrity star uploading a sweet video of the newborn. "When three becomes four. Welcome to the World Baby Miller. We all love you more than you’ll ever know,"

Baby Edith joins her big brother Albert who was born in 2021.

Danny Miller and his wife, Steph, pictured together, were appearing on Loose Women to discuss their fertility journey. (Getty Images)
Danny Miller and his wife, Steph were appearing on Loose Women to discuss their fertility journey. (Getty Images)

The couple aren't the only celebrities who have been praised for normalising breastfeeding recently.

Last month Rihanna was applauded by fans for sharing a trio of breastfeeding photos as she promoted the maternity bra range from her brand Savage x Fenty.

In the images, posted to Savage x Fenty’s Instagram account, the singer sits on a sofa as she cradles her little one in her lap as he feeds.

Unsurprisingly, both the image and the new maternity wear proved to be a huge hit with fans, with many thanking the singer for introducing a stylish nursing bra. "I mean now this is another game changer," one user wrote.

Meanwhile Stacey Solomon's relatable mum 'mishap' earlier this year saw her breastfeed in car while half naked.

Posting a video to her Instagram Stories, she revealed that she hadn't thought about the practicalities of being a new mum when she got dressed that morning.

She told the camera that she thought she "looked really good" in her jumper dress, but "didn't think" about how she was going to feed her little girl while out and about.

She explained: "I'm sat outside toddler dancing class, naked from the boob down because you can't breastfeed in a jumper dress.

"Not one brain cell in my head went 'you're not going to be able to feed in that' I just put it on and thought, 'you look really good!'"