Eastenders star Charlie Brooks reveals new business venture

The actor, who starred in the soap as Janine Butcher, has launched a new vibrator with Ann Summers.

Credit: 'This Morning' / ITV / Youtube

Video transcript

- And I remembered having a conversation with somebody about seven or eight years ago about the shape of the clitoris, which I didn't know is in a wish-- the shape of a wishbone. So that must have stuck with me on some level. And I was sort of like, how have we never had this-- for me anyway, that education at school.

Then I woke up in the middle of the night about four years ago. And went, oh, why isn't there a vibrator that surrounds the clitoris. It surrounds a vulva. It doesn't penetrate. You know?

- You're weren't expecting this, were you?

- [LAUGHS] Sorry.