EastEnders fans all say same thing about Teddy Mitchell as they compare him to soap icon

Teddy Mitchell arrives in EastEnders
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Teddy Mitchell's arrival in EastEnders on Wednesday's episode (June 26) had fans doing a double-take, with many quick to draw parallels between him and the iconic Grant Mitchell.

The drama in Walford escalated as Stevie Mitchell was left languishing in hospital after his grandson Will knocked him down during a heated squabble about Lola's pilfered charity funds.

Phil Mitchell found himself in the thick of it when Will confessed to pushing Stevie. Will also revealed he was being blackmailed by a schoolmate named Kyle.

Phil didn't hesitate to intimidate Kyle into leaving Will alone and craftily pinned the theft on an unsuspecting Stevie, claiming he discovered the older man passed out with the stolen cash.

Meanwhile, Teddy got a call as Stevie's emergency contact. Viewers saw him in a car, picking up a call from a doctor looking after his father, reports the Daily Star.

"Mr Steven Mitchell has your details on his record, it says you're to be notified if anything happens to him", the medic informed. A visibly concerned Ted acknowledged the information before ending the call. He then informed his sons Harry and Barney that "he knows where he is", igniting the car's engine to rush to the hospital.

EastEnders aficionados were immediately taken by Teddy Mitchell, with some even likening him to the legendary Mitchell brother Grant. On X, previously known as Twitter, one soap enthusiast exclaimed: "This new man is giving Grant #eastenders." Another chimed in: "I am sooooo here for Teddy Mitchell #EastEnders", accompanied by a slew of applauding emojis.

A third fan gushed: "I can see Lauren Branning and Teddy Mitchell getting together in the future", followed by hearts-for-eyes emojis.

Another viewer joined the conversation, proclaiming: "I typically don't like baldies but my gawd Teddy is gawjus! #EastEnders." One more chimed in hoping for some drama: "Think hopefully they gonna be a match for Phil. Take him down a peg or two and out him for lying about the money".

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