A bar in Dubai is giving women free drinks based on their weight

Fusion Bar in Dubai offers women free drinks based on what they weigh. [Photo: Supplied]
Fusion Bar in Dubai offers women free drinks based on what they weigh. [Photo: Supplied]

A bar in Dubai has attracted attention for a policy which offers women free drinks in line with how much they weigh.

Fusion Club at Cassells Al Barsha Hotel Dubai, which is part of the Inter Grande Hotel (IGH) Group, has launched a promotion which offers “free drinks to ladies equal to their weight”.

The more a female customers weighs, the more drinks they are eligible for – with their weight in kilograms corresponding to the drink value they get in Arab Emirates Dirham (AED).

Speaking about the motivation behind the initiative, Baburaj ED, Vice President of the IGH Group said he wanted to promote the idea that “it’s good to gain weight”.

The policy was first introduced as one of the venue’s monthly promotions, which change on a rolling basis.

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As for the logistics, women are asked to write down their weight on a slip when they enter the nightlife venue. There are also weighing scales in the club if women wish to use them – but it is not a prerequisite.

“[Female customers] can just write the weight on a paper and give to the bartender discreetly, and enjoy drinks equal to the number they wrote on the paper,” said Baburaj.

“Even though we don’t keep a record of each individual guest’s weight, the highest number (weight) we received was above 120+ and lowest was 32 kg,” he added.

As for the reaction, he said it has been “very positive”.

“Initially the promotion was to end earlier, but because of the popular demand, we extended it till end of Dec 2019.”

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Last year, a bride’s weight-based dress code for wedding guests sparked backlash online.

An anonymous attendee was so shocked by the clothing requirements that they took to Reddit to share the divisive rules guests were given ahead of the ‘Hawaii 2019’ nuptials.

The Facebook screenshot shows that the couple have divided men and women into different size categories from ‘100-160lbs’ to ‘200lbs+’.

Green velvet jumpers, orange suede trousers and camouflage (yes, seriously) were all listed as requirements in the dress code – with different requirement for different weights. Women over 160lbs, and men over 200lbs, were asked to wear all-black and camouflage respectively.

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