Woman left 'massively hurt' by fat-shaming friend

Ashamed feets of a barefoot female on weighing scale.
A woman has been left feeling hurt by her fat shaming friend. Photo: Getty

A woman has revealed she’s been left “massively hurt” after a friend of more than 15 years fat shamed her.

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, she revealed her friend had started by being extremely ‘blunt’ about her weight gain.

“Didn't you realise. How did this happen blah blah. She didn’t sugar coat it,” the post read.

“How would you guys react?”

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The unnamed woman goes on to explain she had a baby 12 months ago, and has also been struggling with a difficult family situation and PTSD and thought her friend was being “cruel”.

“Next day she saw me and asked when I was going back upstairs to get ready - I was already dressed in loose size 20 clothing,” she added in a further post.

“Other comments over the rest of the weekend too - she saw my underwear on washing line and started to laugh that I have had to resort to granny pants.

“Some of you may not agree but personally I would never ever be so blunt EVER.”

Most slammed the friend for being so insensitive, saying it’s a “horrible way to speak to a friend”.

“She’s an utter cow. There are plenty of ways to bring up weight gain if you’re concerned. She isn’t - she wanted to diminish and embarrass you,” one person wrote.

Mumsnet fat shaming conversation between friends.
She shared the full conversation online. Photo: Mumsnet

“If she says something again then ask her did she realise what a b***h she's become?” another said.

“I don’t know why people think this is going to be news. Like ‘wow thanks so much I had no idea! Booking weight watchers immediately!’” a third quipped.

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Some however defended the friend, but said she could have definitely handled the conversation better.

“She's probably just really concerned about your health, but it seems she handled it very poorly,” was one response in her favour.

“I would assume she's really worried about you, and by mentioning it she feels she's addressing what you're going through,” another agreed.