Dr Alex George challenges 'fat shaming' as he reveals feeling 'nervous' going to the gym 'bigger'

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Dr Alex George reveals he longer feels
Dr Alex George reveals he longer feels 'embarrassed' going to the gym 'bigger'. (Getty Images)

Dr Alex George has hit back at "fat shaming" as he revealed he has felt "embarrassed" and "nervous" exercising while "bigger".

In a post on Instagram, in which he shared a photo of himself in a gym changing room, the former Love Island star, 30, said that he didn't feel "ashamed" anymore.

Captioning the image, he wrote: "Movement is for every body. Fat shaming and weight stigma can be such a barrier to exercise.

"Over the years I have felt embarrassed and nervous to train in the gym when I’m bigger. I am not ashamed anymore.

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"Don’t forget that you deserve to be in that gym as much as anyone else. If people judge you for how you look that says far more about them than you. I know who I would rather be friends with."

George's post has received more than 117,000 'likes', with over 1,700 social media users leaving messages of support.

The government's youth mental health ambassador, he rose to fame on the fourth series of Love Island in 2018.

He recently opened up about how, in addition to therapy and self-care, he takes medication to manage his anxiety.

Captioning a photo of himself holding a pill on Instagram, George wrote: "I have been thinking quite hard about whether to post this, but I feel it's the right thing to do."

He added: "I take medication, alongside therapy and self-care, to help with my anxiety.

"I really needed this treatment but for years I didn’t access it, on reflection I was worried about what people would think.

"I can tell you now, I am not ashamed. I AM PROUD to take control of my own health. This does not make me weak or less able, it makes me stronger."

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