Doja Cat snaps back at critics with eyelash moustache and goatee look

“If lashes are what you all want, then lashes are what you’ll get."

Doja Cat snapped back at critics of a previous outfit in her own unique way. (Getty Images)
Doja Cat snapped back at critics of a previous outfit in her own unique way. (Getty Images)

Doja Cat’s presence at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week has been nothing short of iconic. The singer and rapper started the week in a head-to-toe scarlet look, covered in crystals, at the Schiaparelli show and her latest look has got critics eating their words.

The 27-year-old artist – real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini – attended the Victor & Rolf couture show on Wednesday in a re-imagined pinstripe suit, but it was her beauty look that had people’s heads turning.

Doja Cat had applied false eyelashes to her face to create extra long eyebrows, a moustache and a goatee in an epic response to criticism of a look from earlier in the week.

Doja Cat at the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023
Doja Cat at the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture show in an oversized pinstripe suit by the fashion house. (Getty Images)

The ‘Woman’ hitmaker had stepped out on Monday in the French capital in an all red look by the fashion house and worked with famed make-up artist Pat McGrath to achieve the 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals over her head and décolletage.

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The show-stopping look mostly garnered positive feedback – unlike the lion head dress worn by Kylie Jenner – at Wednesday’s Viktor & Rolf show, Doja Cat said critics had been “disappointed” with one aspect of her look.

Doja Cat attends the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week
Some critics were 'disappointed' that Doja Cat's Schiaparelli look didn't include eyelashes. (Getty Images)

During an interview with Nylon, Doja Cat was asked about her outfit, to which she replied: “A few days ago I did Schiaparelli and people were saying I didn’t have lashes.

“They were disappointed I didn’t have on lashes, even though I worked with one of the greatest make-up artists of all time, Pat McGrath.”

So instead, the artist responded in her own way, with lashes galore.

“So today I gave them lashes, so I hope they’re happy,” Doja Cat told the outlet, whilst wearing the false eyelashes on her eyebrows, moustache and goatee, but ironically not on her own eyelashes.

“I just want to make people happy,” she smirked at the camera.

Doja Cat isn’t a stranger to a daring and fashion forward look, often opting for looks that push the boundaries of both style and beauty.

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