Deliveroo launches invisible Easter egg range

It adds a bit of a challenge to this year's Easter egg hunt. (Deliveroo)
It adds a bit of a challenge to this year's Easter egg hunt. (Deliveroo)

If your children need this year’s Easter egg hunt to be a bit more challenging, Deliveroo has it covered.

The delivery service has launched a range of invisible eggs ahead of Easter on 12 April.

The eggs come in two flavours - chocolate or Cointreau - the latter being an adult-only version of the quirky take on Easter eggs.

They’re only going to be available for delivery in London and Manchester and for the Easter weekend only.

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So, what’s the deal with the translucent eggs?

Last year, Deliveroo launched a similar range called dragon eggs. They were made in conjunction with the last series of Game Of Thrones.

They sold out pretty speedily, so it’s unsurprising that Deliveroo has launched a limited edition Easter egg 2.0.

They’re made from premium grade gelatine and purified water in order to make the egg clear.

Then, the chocolate and Cointreau flavouring are made using a centrifuge. This allowed them to extract flavours by spinning materials at a high speed.

It’s all very... scientific.

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The company have decided to make the price the same as the calorie count.

That means that a chocolate version of the invisible egg will set you back £1.95 as well as 195 calories.

The Cointreau limited edition egg is £2.15 and 215 calories.

If you’ve prefer to use the invisible egg as a blank canvas to paint whatever you fancy on top, Deliveroo have thought of that, too.

The eggs come with a selection of edible art supplies including meringues, edible glitter and chocolate sauce.

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It has been a good week for Easter treat announcements with the likes of Amazon launching Cadbury’s 24 boxes of mini eggs for under £16.

If that wasn’t enough to get chocolate fiends excitedly waiting for Easter weekend to roll around, then Amazon has come up with the goods once again.

When doesn’t Amazon come up with the goods?

It’s selling 48 Creme Eggs for just £14.40. That’s almost enough to share.

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If you’re somebody who prefers to go with the majority rather than trying something new around Easter time - we hear you.

Easter eggs are hot commodities and it’d be awful to make the wrong decision.

Thankfully, the experts at Good Housekeeping have conducted their annual taste test to bring you the best options for the seasonal treats.

A £5 vegan Easter egg from ASDA was named joint best in the blind taste testing.

But, hey, it’s Easter - why not buy them all?