Mini Egg fiends, you can now buy 24 boxes for under £16

Stock up for Easter with 24 boxes of Cadbury's Mini Eggs. (Getty Images)
Stock up for Easter with 24 boxes of Cadbury's Mini Eggs. (Getty Images)

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Easter Sunday (12 April) is still a month away but we like to be prepared - especially when there’s chocolate involved.

Which is why we intend to trial all our favourite Easter snacks before the big weekend arrives, for research purposes of course.

A few weeks ago we invested in 48 Creme Eggs for £14.40 (still available here), but this week we’ve moved on to Mini Eggs.

For just £15.60 you can get 24 boxes - not packets, boxes - of deliciously indulgent Cadbury’s Mini Eggs.

The pocket-sized packets of the solid milk mini chocolate eggs wrapped in a crisp sugar shell make the perfect on-the-go snack as well as being ideal for creating Easter egg hunts around the house and garden.

Buy it: Mini Eggs Pocket Pack (24 Boxes) | £15.60 from Cadbury Gifts Direct

Yes, we know they’re intended to be ordered as a gift for someone else but there is no one more deserving of a present than you. Or us, we’d quite like one too.

If, for some reason, you’re wondering what you would do with 24 boxes of Mini Eggs, we have some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

They make brilliant toppers for cupcakes and taste utterly delicious baked into brownies. They can also be divided up into cellophane bags and added to homemade Easter gift hampers or kept into see-through glass bowls around the house.

Or, if none of the above feels tempting, they can also just be added to the top drawer of your desk and dipped into whenever you’re in need of a little, sugary pick-me-up.

Go on, be your own Easter bunny this year.