'Death flight' plane returns to Argentina from US

STORY: A plane used to execute political dissidents during Argentina's dictatorship in the seventies has been repatriated from the United States.

So-called ‘death flights’ were used to kill leftists and other opponents of the dictatorship during Argentina's Dirty War from 1976 to 1983.

Political prisoners were drugged and thrown from the plane into the River Plate or the sea.

The Skyvan PA-51 plane was found in the United States being used for skydiving adventures.

Relatives of people who disappeared during the Dirty War came to watch it land in Buenos Aires on Saturday (June 24).

The aircraft was used in 1977 to execute three members of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo organization, a group of women united by the disappearance of their children.

The victims also included two French nuns and several activists.

Human rights groups say the number of people who died or disappeared during the dictatorship is close to 30,000.

How many were thrown alive from the death flights is uncertain.